Eva Longoria Adopting Baby?

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Eva Longoria Adopting Baby

By Michael Lewittes |

Eva Longoria Adopting Baby

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Eva Longoria adopting a baby with her new husband? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated, and can exclusively reveal what’s real and what’s a rumor.

According to the too often discredited OK!, after playing stepmom to her new husband Jose “Pepe” Baston’sthree kids, Longoria has “renewed her baby fever.” The tabloid claims after she and Baston wed in Mexico in May, the couple has been thinking about adoption. A so-called “source” tells the publication that the 41-year-old actress’s “life is so busy, she can’t see herself carry a baby right now,” but she’s ready to “commit to the adoption process, even though there are plenty of hoops to jump through.”

The magazine alleges that Baston is also “excited” to be adopting a child. “Eva had sworn off marriage and family until she met Pepe,” claims the tabloid’s supposed source, who adds, “She never thought her life would take this turn, but she’s ready to go with the flow.”

Gossip Cop will cut to the chase. It’s time that OK! adopt better reporting and sources. A rep for Longoria exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “It is not true.”

Interestingly, the outlet’s sister publication, Star, tried to peddle a fake Longoria adopting story on November 17, 2010. According to the tabloid back then, “After years of trying to conceive, Eva Longoria Parker and her hubby, Tony, have decided to adopt,” and even spent time “checking out adoption agencies.” Hilariously, the same day the tabloid published its entirely fabricated article, Longoria and Parker announced they were divorcing. Fortunately, Longoria’s marriage is intact this time around, though, the adoption claim remains untrue.

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Eva Longoria is adopting a baby.


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