Jimmy Kimmel Asks Erin Andrews For “A Million Dollars” – Watch Interview Video!

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Erin Andrews Jimmy Kimmel

By Michael Lewittes |


Jimmy Kimmel asked Erin Andrews for “a million dollars” during her first TV interview after being awarded $55 million by a jury for being secretly recorded naked by a stalker in a Nashville hotel room in 2008. She was on the late night talk show, of course, to promote the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars,” which begins on Monday. Watch the video below of Erin Andrews’s interview on “Kimmel.”

It began with Kimmel asking Andrews, “May I have a million dollars?” He went on to tell her that he was “so happy that you won that case.” She couldn’t fully discuss the trial because there will be an appeal, but she called her TV appearance with Kimmel, “My coming out of hiding.” Andrews went on to say that she wanted to “thank everybody… all over the world” for her support. The talk show host felt the widespread support she received showed the “nice part of the Internet,” to which she asked, “Is there a nice part?” Still, she said, “Thank you.”

After that, the two discussed this season’s “Dancing With The Stars.” She revealed that to mock Geraldo Rivera’s infamous live TV special three decades ago when he opened Al Capone’s vault, and embarrassingly found nothing in it, the dance show will feature his dance partner Edyta Sliwinska coming out of a vault. They then went over which three contestants Kimmel thinks could win “Dancing With The Stars.” He chose Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men, Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, and NFL star Antonio Brown, with the last as the ultimate winner.

Check out the video below of Erin Andrews’s interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”


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