Erin Andrews Reveals Cervical Cancer Battle

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Erin Andrews Cervical Cancer

By Holly Nicol |

Erin Andrews Cervical Cancer

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Erin Andrews had cervical cancer, and is now talking about her secret battle. The “Dancing With The Stars” host and NFL sportscaster was diagnosed in September, and has since undergone successful surgery to remove all traces of the disease.

The devastating diagnosis came shortly after Andrews was awarded $55 million in damages from her lawsuit against a Nashville Marriott, where a stalker secretly recorded the TV reporter naked through a peephole while she stayed at the hotel in 2008. Following a routine checkup, Andrews received an unexpected phone call from her doctor during a meeting at the New York Giants’ team facility, informing her of their findings. Even though her oncologist told her that she needed surgery almost immediately, Andrews continued to work that same weekend and kept the diagnosis hidden from her colleagues.

Throughout her treatment, Andrews refused to let the disease affect her work schedule. “I’m not watching any football games at home. This is [Fox’s] Super Bowl year, and I’m not missing the Super Bowl,” she told Sport’s Illustrated’s MMQB on Tuesday. The sportscaster’s initial reaction to the life-changing news, however, was inspiring. “After the trial everyone kept telling me, ‘You’re so strong, for going through all of this, for holding down a job in football, for being the only woman on the crew,'” she noted. “Finally I got to the point where I believed it, too. ‘Hey, I have cancer, but dammit, I am strong, and I can do this.'”

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