Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson have been together for over 10 years, and they'll celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary in July. Still, most of the coverage of Simpson usually revolves around her past romances instead of her current husband. Even in the occasional story that does mention the former NFL player, the whispers and rumors rarely paint a full picture. Here's what's been said.

Jessica Simpson Upsets Him

Upon the release of Simpson's memoir, Open Book, there was a wide array of speculation about how her husband would react to the book's contents. OK! published a story about Johnson secretly being embarrassed about just how much the memoir covered. According to the outlet's anonymous source, it wasn't just the frank chapters about his wife's struggles with alcoholism that threw him off — he "understands her confessions are a selling point," the tipster said — it was the detailed coverage of her past romances. "All this sleazy stuff about her former lovers is getting on [Johnson's] nerves," they argued.

There was also one story from In Touch that came out during Jessica Simpson's third pregnancy. The rumor went that Johnson was on edge after the pregnant Simpson turned irritable and irate. According to an unnamed insider that was supposedly close to Simpson, she had been non-stop "snapping" at her husband, and he'd been returning the frustration. "They've been bickering nonstop," they said.

OK! reported that sources had told them Johnson had actually lost interest in his marriage entirely. "They're always clashing over all sorts of things. Friends are worried that Jessica and Eric may not make it through this," an unnamed insider said. The former tight end was supposedly "tired of playing dad to their kids and his wife" and was considering an extremely spiteful divorce. "Eric could go after everything Jessica has," the source argued. "This could turn into a brutal custody war, a battle for their mansion and Jessica's business."

Body Image Is A Frequent Topic

In Touch said that Johnson was upset after the couple was hammered by trolls on social media after unflattering photos of Simpson were posted online. "He's tired of seeing her slammed for her figure," a source told the magazine. "Eric thinks she's sexy when she's a little more voluptuous than usual. But he's also pushing her to get back on the treadmill, work out with her trainer and start a new, cleaner diet."

Radar Online, on the other hand, claimed that Johnson was being told by his wife to "stay fat" as she found him more attractive with the fuller figure. The two were excited that they were "no longer slaves to the gym" and could live a new kind of life. "[Simpson] hates scrawny guys and has instructed Eric, 37, to stay just the way he is, and he's got no problem if he keeps gaining some extra pounds," the unnamed source supposedly revealed. "They love living the high life and never want to go back to being diet and fitness bores ever again."

And on another similar note, there was a slightly ruder piece of gossip from Radar Online that said Johnson was basically enabling his wife's mind-blowing spending on food delivery. "Their Postmates bill has been $100,000 in one month," the blog's anonymous tipster said. "They rarely leave their huge mansion. And have everything delivered, no matter what it is!" The site never exactly explains how exactly that's possible or who would know those all of those details, but the story was confident in its insults.

There was an issue of OK! where it claimed that Eric Johnson was trying to get his wife to lay off of her weight loss plan. The magazine's source said that Simpson was trying to drop 70 pounds as fast as possible, which included hours upon hours of grueling workouts. "He never sees her anymore. She's either locked up in the gym or out on a four-hour run," the generous insider said. "Eric wants her to relax. He misses their date nights but she doesn't want to ditch her diet to have a few drinks or eat out."

The Truth About Eric Johnson And Jessica Simpson

If there's one thing that's clear from all of those rumors, it's this: The tabloids don't know a thing about Eric Johnson. They'll paint him as a body shamer one day and then turn around and write all about how supportive he is of his wife's destructive habits. So long as it supports whatever narrative they're pushing about his superstar wife, gossip magazines will ignore the basic truths about Johnson. By all accounts, he's nothing but a kind and supportive husband, and the only drama to be found is essentially fiction.


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