Eric Johnson NOT Divorcing Jessica Simpson Over Her Drinking, Despite Claim

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eric Johnson Divorcing Jessica Simpson

By Shari Weiss |

eric Johnson Divorcing Jessica Simpson

(Jessica Simpson/Instagram)

Eric Johnson is not going to divorce Jessica Simpson over her drinking, despite a report from the tabloids. The story was manufactured because the singer was recently photographed looking a little worse for the wear after a night out celebrating Johnson’s birthday. But Gossip Cop has confirmed he has no intention of leaving her.

The false claims appear in the new issue of Star, under the headline, “Jessica: The Last Straw.” The tabloid contends, “Fed up with her drunken buffoonery, Jessica Simpson’s husband Eric is ready to walk.” But the magazine proves right off the bat that it doesn’t have inside access as it merely guesses what went down as they marked the former NFL player’s 38th birthday. Instead of actually knowing what did or didn’t happen, the outlet speculates that he “no doubt looked across the table at his millionaire wife,” who was “likely braying an off-key ‘Happy Birthday’ and slurping her umpteenth cocktail,” and “realized something had to change.”

If the publication actually had real insight, it wouldn’t use assumptive phrases like “no doubt” and “likely.” Yet the tabloid actually goes on to quote a so-called “well-placed friend,” who claims that when leaving, “Eric knew he had to smile for the cameras and look amused, but he was livid. He ripped into her when he got home, telling her she ruined her birthday and embarrassed him for the last time.” But if this really went down as described, what kind of “friend” would cause the couple further embarrassment by sharing the details with a gossip magazine?

Still, the supposed snitch goes on to assert to the outlet, “He’s so sick of her antics and is seriously considering divorce. He’s tired of playing dad to their kids and his wife.” This alleged tipster dramatically adds, “There’s having fun and then there’s being a mess and a liability, and Jessica has become the latter. But only time will tell if she gets her act together… or if she loses everything.”

Actually, time will tell Gossip Cop is right when we say Johnson has no plans to divorce Simpson. While there’s no denying the star likes to let loose, this isn’t some kind of deal-breaker in their marriage, we’re exclusively told. Notably, Gossip Cop also busted the magazine just days ago for falsely claiming Simpson was “gearing up” for a third baby. The publication also made up a story about Simpson hitting “rock bottom” a month ago, and wrongly predicted a full year ago that Johnson and Simpson would be the “next celebrity couple to split.” It’s abundantly clear at this point that Star doesn’t have the insight it claims, which is why it resorted to building a divorce narrative around paparazzi photos.

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