EXCLUSIVE: Eric Decker Poses For “Flaunt”, Opens Up About Life With Jessie James

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Erick Decker Flaunt Photos Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Erick Decker Flaunt Photos Interview


Eric Decker poses in stylish duds and opens up about his life as a pro football player married to wife Jessie James Decker in the upcoming Men’s Fashion issue of Flaunt. And only Gossip Cop has an exclusive sneak peek at the photo shoot and interview. Check out the pictures below!

While Decker may be best known for being the New York Jets’ wide receiver, or perhaps for his E! reality series, “Eric & Jessie: Game On,” he’s more than just an athlete. In fact, at least according to one study, he may be super-human. Flaunt notes that Decker was subjected to the Wonderlic Test before he was first drafted into the NFL, an intelligence exam that “analyzes aptitude and assesses problem-­solving skills” for all kinds of people.

“A score of 10 suggests literacy; the average NFL player scores a 20; the average firefighter: 21; librarian: 27; chemist: 31,” explains the magazine. But Decker scored a 43, which is the seventh best score of all time among NFL players. Flaunt wonders, “What does all that mean when leaping for touchdowns and cashing seven­-figure paychecks?”

It’s certainly no surprise, then, when Decker tells the outlet, “Anything I do, I want to win. I guess it’s just instilled in me.” He’s also a fan of meditation, dating back to his college baseball days, explaining, “The positive reinforcements, the visualization part of it, help you to be successful, especially in baseball where it’s a ‘fear of failure’ sport. So if you can kind of be in that zone, so to speak, it just helps relax you. It just lets your athletic ability take over.”

And the Jets player also cops to having some game-day superstitions. “I always usually have the same equipment guy put on my jersey and I wear double-­sided tape on my pads, so that the jersey lays a certain way,” he says. Off the field, Decker says, “I always like to be in jeans and a t-­shirt, but then I also like to get dressed up when we go to events or even travel for games. [I like] wearing suits and driving a nice car.”

Now a dad of two, as Jessie gave birth to their second child earlier this month, the star admits that he’s perfectly content laying low. “Sometimes we have to push ourselves to get out of the house because we travel so much and are busy with our lifestyles; it’s just so nice to be home,” he says. Decker’s off-season home base is actually in Nashville, where Jessie works on her country music career, leading him to divide time between New York and Tennessee.

Of course, Decker’s preferred spot is somewhere with surf and sand. And, well, who can blame him? As Flaunt puts it, “Decker’s beach body is almost offensive.” Check out the photo above to see proof, and see the rest of the snapshots below!



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