A new report claiming Eniko Parrish "would have walked away" from Kevin Hart after his cheating scandal, but hasn't because she's pregnant, is "made-up." And while that's a plausible narrative, Gossip Cop is told no one in their inner circle is talking to the media about the dynamics of their relationship. In fact, we're assured the recent rash of tales that allege to have inside scoop on Hart and Parrish are simply manufactured.

So, where have many of these bogus stories come from? HollywoodLife, a site that's been known to publish fake news. Generally, when the blog maintains it has an "exclusive," and no legitimate news outlets have picked up the report, it's often a sign that the claim is fictitious. Anyway, in its latest foray, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies asserts that "if it wasn't for their baby," Parrish would have already dumped Hart.

To try to add credence to its articles, HollywoodLies invariably manages to quote a "source close" to the subject of its stories. But because these remarks are seemingly concocted, they often sound made-up. In a string of questionable quotes that bizarrely mention Hart and Parrish's names over and over, the repeatedly discredited site claims a source says, "Kevin is doing everything in his power to make it up to Eniko... Eniko is so hurt and humiliated though, and she doesn't know if she can ever really trust Kevin again."

The unnamed and almost assuredly fabricated "source" maintains if Parrish "wasn't pregnant then she would have walked away" from Hart. Adds the same dubious tipster, "Eniko has told Kevin... she is trying to put it all behind them for the sake of the baby."

The reality is the couple has been photographed a number of times since Hart apologized for cheating on his wife, and it's clear she's not leaving him. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with an actual insider, and we're told HollywoodLife is just churning out fake news. Our impeccable source assures us that the latest claim, like others crafted by that site, is "made-up."

In just the past four days alone, Gossip Cop has busted HollywoodLies for a number of manufactured articles about the couple. For example, we nailed the site for publishing a completely fabricated report about Hart buying Parrish a $250,000 push present. And we also recently exposed the blog for posting a fake news story about why Parrish "can't leave" Hart.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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