“Empire” Recap: “What We May Be”

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empire Recap November 30 2016

By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap November 30 2016


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Cookie threw a family dinner while facing secrets from her past. Here are the most important things to know about “What We May Be,” the seventh episode of season 3.

The show began with Angelo unexpectedly showing up at Cookie’s, where he asked to get back together, which led to them finally having sex. Jamal was named “turkey of the year” by “The Breakfast Club,” prompting Lucious to lecture him about reinvigorating his career. And Nessa invited Andre to the musical memorial for her late brother, but warned him, “Shine kinda wants to kill you.”

Philip and D-Major clashed over Jamal’s pill-popping, leading him to give both the cold shoulder. After, Cookie was moved by a visual experience Jamal created that was inspired by her childhood home videos, until the footage showed her father, which sparked a freak-out. Thrown for an emotional loop, she missed a campaign fundraiser for Angelo, where his uppity mom doubted Cookie was worthy of her son.

Jamal went to Carol to find out what was behind his mom’s reaction, and learned the issue dated back to when Cookie first started dating Lucious. A flashback showed a teen Lucious dropping Cookie off past curfew, and her dad finding drug money on her. He tearfully said he couldn’t have her go that route, and refused to let her into the home. Three days later, Cookie’s father had a heart attack, and her sisters refused to let her accompany them to the hospital, where he died that night.

Cookie’s sisters blamed her and her involvement with Lucious for the fatal stress. “That’s why all roads lead to Lucious,” she now told Jamal. Angelo was angry at Cookie for “disrespecting” him and his mother with her no-show, and she wanted to make things up to him, leading them to agree to a dinner with his mom and her sons. She went to Candace to learn how to be a “society bitch,” and was advised to “Melania Trump the situation.” They were interrupted by Lucious, who revealed he was throwing a party at the same venue as her dinner.

Cookie upted to hold her dinner party at her home instead, and Lucious tried to stop Hakeem from going by making him babysit his own daughter. Jamal showed up to the event obviously high, making for an awkward first impression with Angelo’s mom. Things worsened when Hakeem arrived with a crying Bella, then Lucious and Anika showed up, looking for the baby. And, naturally, he had nothing nice to say about Cookie or his sons in front of Angelo’s mom.

Meanwhile, Shine was angry that Freda didn’t want to record with him for Empire, and he felt “played.” Andre vowed to get Freda to the memorial “party,” and was later upset to find out he now had to go to Cookie’s dinner at the same time. But he delivered on his promise, getting Freda to the bash. Though Andre wanted to leave after for Cookie’s gathering, Nessa made him stay to watch her perform, and Freda ended up joining in.

Cookie ultimately took charge of the dinner party from hell, and told Angelo’s mom she wouldn’t “trade” her “twisted” family for anything, and she could “take it or leave it.” Jamal managed to perform a song he wrote in his mother’s honor, inspired by her experiences with her father and Lucious. The exes appeared to emotionally connect as Jamal sang, leading Lucious to actually make a low-key, respectful exit.

In the final minutes, Angelo’s mom confessed that she had a sordid past, too, and could relate to classing herself up. But, she warned that the “fire” in Cookie better not “burn my only child.” The show ended with Shine secretly recording Nessa and Freda’s impromptu performance.

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