Empire Recap: “Unto The Breach”

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Empire Recap March 4 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Empire Recap March 4 2015


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Lucious was forced to face off with his rival after Cookie revealed Anika betrayed him, and the whole family came together to save Empire Entertainment. Here are the most important things to know about “Unto The Breach,” the ninth episode of season 1.

1. Lucious was stunned when Cookie interrupted his wedding planning to reveal Anika had betrayed him by spilling Empire secrets to his longtime rival, Billy Baretti, owner of Creedmoore Entertainment. When Anika couldn’t deny it, he and Cookie essentially threw her out, and he warned Anika that if his ALS gets out and topples the company’s IPO plans, her father could be arrested for medical fraud. She, however, blamed him for everything and left with Billy.

2. Billy pressured Anika to tell him what information could be used to take Lucious down, saying he wanted to stop his enemy from hurting people, like he did both of them. He seemed to come on to her, which she rejected, and while she snagged some Empire artists for Creedmoore, she warned getting Tiana would be tough. When Lucious found out, however, that Billy scored another artist out from under him, they confronted each other in the middle of a street, with both entourages drawing guns. Billy insinuated he slept with Anika, but as Lucious taunted him, Billy took out his own gun and pointed it directly at Lucious. Ultimately, though, they parted ways with no shots fired.

3. The family came together to save Empire, attempting to convince all their artists to stay with the company and secure new ones. In attempt to prove to a rapper that she could be tough like the Creedmoore guys, Cookie drank a purple mixture that seemed to be a sizzurp-like concoction. She got increasingly high, and when she left wasted, she was almost attacked on the street– until Empire’s security guy Malcolm saved her. She tried to hit on him, but he refused, saying Lucious was not only his boss, but also still in love with her.

4. As Jamal grew closer to photographer Ryan and continued to clash with Lucious over his sexuality, he worked on securing a singer named Delphine (guest star Estelle) for Empire by collaborating together on a moving ballad. He needed Lucious’ help to officially sign her, however, and he wasn’t having it, even though Cookie and Hakeem both agreed she would be a huge get. Jamal confronted his father for being unwilling to snag Delphine just because she wanted to work with “the gay one,” and the truth-talk actually got Lucious to go to a meeting at Leviticus to hash out a deal. Lucious even played one of his old songs, “You’re So Beautiful,” on piano as Jamal and Delphine provided backup vocals.

5. Andre, still seething over Lucious’ explosion at him, skipped taking his bipolar medication, and tried to show his company know-how by winning over an artist with a financial-focused deal. Hakeem was infuriated to see his older brother get the spotlight in the meeting, even though Lucious was eyeing Hakeem to take over Empire, and when he and Jamal found a seemingly manic Andre in an elevator, a physical altercation broke out between the three siblings. When the elevator became stuck after Andre’s confession that he used Empire slush money to buy a car, he started to panic and talk in non-sequiturs. Andre went on to have a full-on meltdown, screaming and crying at his brothers about why he deserves to take over Empire. Jamal was able to calm him somewhat with an impromptu sing-along to “Lean On Me,” a track they used to sing as kids.

As it turned out, the elevator malfunction was part of a company-wide hacking. When they got out, security stopped an obviously unwell Andre from leaving, and he tried turning violent. Meanwhile, Hakeem urged Anika to forgive his father for his cheating and misdoings, but it turned out to be just a distraction so Cookie could meet with Tiana and keep her in the fold. Tiana said she wouldn’t stay with Empire if Hakeem didn’t get back with her romantically, but he refused, saying he was still in love with Camilla and that he had to draw the line at what he was willing to do and not do to save Empire. Tiana, however, still came on board, and she and Hakeem joined the group performance of Lucious’ track, with even Cookie taking part.

As most of the family had that beautiful and peaceful moment together, Andre had another meltdown in front of his wife Rhonda and Empire security. Lucious came in and tried to talk him down as EMTs arrived to take him away against his will. A crying Rhonda signed a 48-hour psychiatric hold, and the preview of next week’s episode shows Andre’s mental health taking center stage, with Jennifer Hudson playing a music therapist. What do you think of tonight’s “Empire”?


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