“Empire” Recap: “Time Shall Unfold”

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empire Recap April 20 2016

By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap April 20 2016


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Lucious schemed to get Empire Entertainment back from Hakeem while Anika finally revealed her pregnancy. Here are the most important things to know about “Time Shall Unfold,” the 14th episode of season 2.

The show began with Thirsty obtaining a hair sample from Jamal’s presumed daughter Lola, and he later had men rob Empire’s warehouse. Lucious’ finished music video wowed Empire shareholders, two of whom said they wanted him “back in charge.” Cookie quickly deduced Lucious was plotting to do something at the shareholders meeting, and confronted him over killing Freda’s father.

She didn’t want Freda around her boys, but of course she and Jamal were bonding over their collaboration. But right after they parted, Freda pummeled a guy for disparaging her dad. Cookie discouraged Jamal from using the Freda tracks, and tried to sway him by hooking him up with a famous MC named Stacee Run-Run. But she would only work with him if the Freda songs were cut from his album, and Freda played it cool when Jamal broke the news.

Andre confessed to Rhonda he was wrestling with spiritual issues and had stopped going to church, but she was reluctant to resume living together. Their talk at Anika’s was interrupted when Anika threw up, and she was forced to admit she was pregnant with Hakeem’s baby. After, Andre told Hakeem he was ready to return to work and wanted to be a part of the shareholders meeting as the CFO, but made no mention of the pregnancy bombshell, instead warning him of how intense the presentation may be with investors challenging him.

Hakeem accused Lucious of orchestrating the warehouse robbery, during which the clothing for his Empire fashion line was stolen. Lucious also planted drugs on Laura’s tour bus, leading to the seizure of all the concert equipment, and taunted Hakeem about being unable to “clap back.” Amid that growing feud, Lucious took Andre to his mother’s grave, where they somewhat made up, though Andre knew his father had an “agenda.”

At a family gathering, Andre told his parents and siblings that he wanted the group to start rising above their issues. Enter Anika, who announced she’s pregnant, and Hakeem is the father. Cookie was angry and skeptical, but Anika, saying she wanted to make amends, insisted all she wanted was for her child to have a family. It was pointed out this kid would be the Lyon heir, with Lucious revealing a DNA test showed Jamal wasn’t Lola’s father.

Lucious later offered Anika $10 million in exchange for (eventually) giving the baby to Hakeem and then disappearing. The two argued about who broke who’s heart, who cheated on whom, and the failure of their relationship. Revealing she’s expecting a boy, Anika vowed to do whatever would be needed, suggesting she had info on Lucious that would be of interest to the FBI. He in turned threatened her by saying, “A lot of women, they don’t survive childbirth.”

The shareholder meeting kicked off with a performance from Tiana before Hakeem came out to address the crowd as CEO. It seemed to go well until the Q&A session, when Lucious stepped up to ask “the five biggest challenges facing the music industry over the next 10 years.” Hakeem managed to answer well, but then Lucious brought up the ruined tour and stolen clothing. Lucious questioned why Hakeem couldn’t handle these issues, including the delayed streaming app, which Andre actually messed with to benefit himself and Rhonda.

It all culminated in the shareholders cheering Lucious’ name. Cookie tried to minimize the damage by telling the crowd that both men deserve respect, and urged them to shake hands on stage to show that the family is united. At a board meeting afterward, Hakeem was voted out, and Cookie berated Lucious for doing their son dirty.

Towards the end of the episode, Jamal was taken aback when he found out he wouldn’t be working with Stacee in-person as she sent in a pre-recorded verse, and it was clear he was having regrets. Cookie wouldn’t tell him what her actual problem was with Freda, and he then told the young rap artist that he was “choosing” her, but Freda gave him the cold shoulder.

The episode ended in Pennsylvania, where Thirsty went to a nursing home… where Lucious’ not-dead mom was residing. The promo for next week showed Lucious and Cookie getting closer, Lucious and Jamal’s rivalry re-heating, Andre making a play to become Lucious’ number two, Hakeem breaking the baby news to Laura, and Anika having a medical emergency. Whew!


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