“Empire” Recap: “The Tameness Of A Wolf”

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empire Recap April 12 2016

By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap April 12 2016


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Lucious confronted his traumatic past while Hakeem dealt with tour drama between Laura and Tiana as Cookie’s birthday neared. Here are the most important things to know about “The Tameness Of A Wolf,” the 13th episode of season 2.

The show began with Camilla’s memorial, where Hakeem said Empire would carry on her legacy with Rhonda now at the helm of the clothing line. Lucious “commended” Hakeem for taking Camilla down, making him feel guilty for “killing her,” but Cookie reminded everyone that it was officially a murder-suicide. “To the world, there’s nothing to see here,” she said. And as Lucious continued to needle each of the kids, she pointed out that her first birthday out of prison was coming up, and begged for “no drama.”

Lucious took Cookie to Philadelphia, showing her where “Dwight Walker became Lucious Lyon.” She urged him to “put [his] whole truth” into his music video, which she was producing, and he had more flashbacks to his childhood with his bipolar mother. A little boy was cast to play Lucious as a child and a set was created to mimic their run-down home. Journalist Harper came to the shoot as part of her project to shadow Lucious, and she and Cookie were caught off-guard when he had an emotional reaction as more memories were triggered.

Lucious told Cookie about his mom’s suicide, and how he went on the run after to avoid going into foster care. He confessed that’s how he met Frank (Freda’s dad), who taught him how to deal drugs and “saved [his] life.” Blown away by the admissions, she urged him to reveal his real history. Why, he asked. With tears in her eyes, Cookie responded, “Because I did 17 years for a man whose real name I didn’t even know.” As she comforted him through the filming, Lucious was obviously touched.

Hakeem and Jamal tracked down Freda, as Jamal wanted to record with her. She rightly assumed they just wanted to upset Lucious, but she refused, defending him as a “father” figure to her. But when she found out Lucious cut her verse out of their song for the music video, she changed her tune. She and Jamal then bonded over their daddy problems, and she was inspired to lay down bars for a collaboration.

Jamal didn’t want to go to Cookie’s birthday dinner because of Lucious, and she felt forced to “choose” between them. He accused her, “You’re falling for him again.” Cookie responded, “What me and your father got is very deep, and you don’t throw that way because of a few misunderstandings.” Jamal argued that there’s been more than a “few” and told his mom to be “careful.”

When Cookie arrived for her dinner at the Lyon mansion, only Lucious was there. She sarcastically thanked him for managing to “piss off all my sons.” But Jamal, Hakeem, Andre and Rhonda were actually all there to surprise her. “Apparently they love you more than they hate me,” Lucious cracked. The night went well, until Cookie showed a rough cut of his music video. The intense footage was triggering for Andre, who shut off the footage as he was reminded of his own suicide attempt.

He asked Lucious point-blank, “Was my grandmother bipolar?” Lucious stubbornly confirmed it, shocking the family and angering Andre, who felt he was purposely lied to to seem “weak.” As they argued, Lucious said he was “embarrassed” by his mother, “the same way I’m embarrassed by you.” Andre yelled as he walked out, “To hell with you… Lucious.”

Meanwhile, on the new Tiana-Mirage a Trois tour, Tiana called Laura out for going overtime and threatened to throw her off the tour or quit herself. Each made demands of Hakeem, with Tiana accusing him of giving Laura special treatment, and he did indeed promise his girlfriend she’d be a “star.” He even bonded with Laura’s parents backstage at one of the shows. The three of them later took the stage together, despite the girls’ tension.

Following the birthday fight, Hakeem surprised Laura after a concert, saying he wanted to “build my own family as beautiful as yours.” And with that, he proposed marriage with a huge diamond ring. She accepted as fans cheered and Tiana looked anything but happy.

Rhonda called Anika to rescue her from the failed dinner, and as she needed a break and didn’t want to go home, Anika said she could stay with her. “It’ll be nice to be around someone sane for a change, too,” Rhonda said. The next day, Jamal apologized to Cookie for her dinner getting “ruined,” and she chided Hakeem for getting engaged. The episode ended with Jamal and Freda previewing their track for them, and it was then that Cookie first found out Frank was her father… and his prison murder was unsolved.


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