“Empire” Recap: “Strange Bedfellows”

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empire Recap April 5 2017

By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap April 5 2017


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Cookie, Jamal, Hakeem, Andre and Lucious’ relationships all took a turn. Here are the most important things to know about “Strange Bedfellows,” the 12th episode of season 3.

The show began after Hakeem threw a house party in anticipation of his 21st birthday, and teased a live-streamed official birthday event. He was convinced everyone in the family was ignoring his milestone, unaware they were actually planning a big surprise.

Leah confessed to Cookie and Lucious that Tariq was still after them and possibly using Anika. Lucious slammed Hakeem for seemingly letting Anika abandon their baby and take off. Angelo was also upset when he learned what was going on, and worried that Cookie was “hiding” something from him. He became more upset upon finding a gun in her home and learning it was a “gift” from Lucious. She promised to get rid of it, and when asked if she ever shot anyone, a flashback showed her shooting one of Lucious’ friends in the knee when he made a pass at her. But she told Angelo, “No, never.”

Anika ditched her plans to meet Tariq and hoped Lucious would let her come home. When she returned to the mansion, Cookie and Lucious confronted her. He threatened her life, but Anika swore she didn’t actually snitch. She pitched a trap against Tariq, plotting a sting that would make them look like they were involved, so Tariq wouldn’t be able to use her as a witness due to bias. Leah, taking Cookie’s gun, wanted to kill Anika right then, and Lucious warned he’d let her if the plan didn’t work. Anika later started the sting by acting vulnerable to the point where Tariq offered his personal protection and they hugged.

After hooking up with Philip, Jamal watched D-Major come out on social media. D-Major was then enraged to find out about the hookup and that Jamal didn’t care for his grand gesture. Jamal later became sympathetic after D-Major faced a backlash for coming out, but Cookie was not happy to see them getting close again. “You better dump his ass before you lose Philip,” she told him. Jamal shot back, “You better dump dad before you lose Angelo.” Jamal later solidified his bond with Philip, but said he needed to show D-Major “compassion.” Shortly after, when D-Major’s Empire access card stopped working, he and Philip had words. It escalated with Philip throwing a punch.

Meanwhile, Andre tried to woo Giuliana for his Las Vegas club plans, promising Nessa could be the big star for her opening. He then played dumb when Lucious brought up expanding to Vegas. An unwitting Cookie crossed paths with Giuliana at a hair salon, but Gia seemed to know exactly who she was. Andre later flirted with her to seal the deal, but she didn’t want to “touch another woman’s man.” He said it was “business” and Nessa was “fine with it.” They didn’t hook up, though, with Gia instead promising to look at the contract proposal.

Hakeem went club-hopping for his birthday, and was thrilled then Tiana showed up. But things nearly turned dangerous when one club manager threatened not to pay him his appearance fee. He picked up random guys to join his entourage, and made his way to Leviticus, where Tiana gave a performance in his honor. Hakeem was happily surprised when Jamal came out on stage, and Andre showed up, too.

The fun was interrupted when one of the aforementioned guys assaulted Tiana’s friend for rejecting his advances. A brawl started, sending people fleeing for the exits, and it was all caught on camera. Andre was furious with Hakeem, explaining they’d be held liable for what happened. As punishment, he said Hakeem could no longer use their streaming service. Tiana was also upset that he showed no interest in her now-hospitalized friend.

Towards the end of the episode, Angelo and Cookie had a successful night with his high-society donors, after which she asked him to get rid of the gun for her, so she wouldn’t get a probation violation when turning it in. Giuliana met with an associate, promising to get him in business with Lucious. An upset Hakeem went to get Bella from his dad’s, and ended up having a heart-to-heart with Lucious, who recalled the night of his birth. Lucious said Hakeem was always rushing to grow up, but finally truly becoming a man now.

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