“Empire” Recap: “Sound & Fury”

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empire Recap March 22 2017

By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap March 22 2017


On Wednesday’s spring premiere of “Empire,” Cookie and Lucious faced off while Jamal was in rehab. Here are the most important things to know about “Sound & Fury,” the 10th episode of season 3.

The midseason premiere began with Lucious announcing Inferno, his new music project, much to Cookie’s surprise. She demanded he step down as co-CEO, and he in turn threatened “war.” As Lucious was announcing his comeback, Cookie brought his mom Leah on stage, stunning fans and the press, since everyone thought she was dead. Lucious was branded a “liar.”

He, of course, was now set on revenge. With a showcase in the works, Andre wanted to get Nessa a spot, while Hakeem wanted the gig for Tiana. Since Cookie also wanted Tiana, Lucious awarded the slot to Nessa. Bu at the showcase, Tiana and Hakeem interrupted Nessa’s performance with a duet, turning it into a sing-off of sorts. The two singers ended up brawling, and it was naturally all caught on camera.

Cookie, Hakeem and Andre went to visit Jamal in rehab for the first time, where they met another patient, burnt out singer Tory Ash (Rumer Willis). Lucious unexpectedly showed, and questioned whether Jamal would stay clean. Though only halfway through his stint, he wanted to bail early to record music. Cookie and Lucious ended up trading barbs, so Jamal stayed put and bonded with Tory over their love of music.

Jamal and Tory later snuck out of rehab to record music. When Cookie and Lucious tracked them down, they were actually blown away by their duet. “This is my rehab,” Jamal insisted. He swore to Cookie he was “done” with pills, and she seemed to believe him.

Angelo wanted to his clear his name after Lucious accused him of being responsible for a years-old fatal DUI. Lucious endorsed John Meeks, Angelo’s mayoral opponent, and offered a $300,000 cash award for information leading to Angelo’s conviction. Meanwhile, Lucious learned he was being investigated for Frank Gathers’ death, but was unaware Andre planned to not just steal Empire, but also kill him. Andre tried to get Shine on board to “build an army.”

Lucious threatened a former fellow inmate, Bam Bam, believing he could be a snitch. Tariq was indeed planning on using him as a star witness, and was forced to go on paid leave as the case seemingly fell apart. Angelo was later exonerated after proving the real driver responsible served time for manslaughter.

After all that, Xavier was fired at a company meeting when Thirsty framed him for kickbacks, thrilling Becky. Lucious announced Inferno would be everyone’s priority, and asked Jamal to collaborate on a song. And with Xavier out, Lucious surprised everyone by naming Anika as the new head of A&R and crediting her for Empire’s success. Cookie was furious, and took a bat to his awards-lined walls, yelling about his success being built off her hard work while she went to prison.

“You done, bitch?” he asked her. Well, no, she wasn’t, as she turned the bat on him, sending Lucious to the floor. “Now you die,” he screamed as she went about destroying the offices. Cookie ended up in tears, accusing him of “replacing” her with Anika. He stopped her from slapping him, and the tension actually gave way to a passionate kiss. But as they started to hook up, Cookie stopped it: “I said I was done with you. I meant it.”

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