“Empire” Recap: “Love Is A Smoke”

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empire Recap April 26 2017

By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap April 26 2017


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Angelo proposed to Cookie while Giuliana’s past with Lucious was revealed. Here are the most important things to know about “Love Is A Smoke,” the 14th episode of season 3.

The show began with a flashback to Lucious and Giuliana’s relationship and a song he wrote for her called “Crazy, Crazy 4 U.” Their romance happened 15 years ago, while a clueless Cookie was imprisoned. All Lucious told her now was that Gia was “dangerous” and shouldn’t be working with Andre on the Vegas deal. Flashbacks throughout the hour continued to show their relationship, which included Lucious wanting to buy a Vegas club until a married Gia played him, taking $10 million.

Cookie told Lucious Angelo was ready to propose, and he said he’d “fall back,” but warned the relationship wouldn’t compare to the one they had. Angelo went to Jamal for a confidence boost, and Jamal promised “Cucious” was over. He also urged his “stepdaddy” to go grand with the proposal. Andre gave Cookie his blessing, though Hakeem was less than thrilled. But when Cookie thought he was going to pop the question, Angelo actually asked her to make a joint TV appearance.

Giuliana wooed Tory for her Vegas club opening, which Andre and Shine were cool with, as long as Lucious wasn’t involved. He later told Cookie he only met Gia “once,” and insisted that his family have nothing to do with her. Andre was determined to move forward, though while Lucious conspired to get Tory back on his side. Shine, however, later lured him to the office, where Gia pulled a gun on him. He emotionally confronted her about her betrayal, and she tearfully said she spent more than a decade in an abusive marriage. “Lucious, I killed my husband for you,” she confessed, saying she could only pay his money back now if he signed off on the Vegas deal.

Amidst all this, Anika went to Tariq while wearing a wiretap as Cookie and Lucious listened in. They thought she “stepped up for us” and deserved “props,” convinced they could get Tariq in trouble. Anika spent the night for the sake of the scheme, but actually turned down most of his advances so he wouldn’t find the wire. Lucious later told Tariq all his actions with Anika were recorded and the FBI was looped in. He told his half-brother to go on the run, and gave him money to do so.

During the TV interview, Angelo proposed on camera. Cookie didn’t actually answer as he slipped a massive ring on her finger. Afterward, she called him out for putting her on the spot and said it was “happening too fast.” He concluded she was still in love with Lucious, prompting her to admit, “I still have feelings for him.” She confessed their recent kiss and he lashed out about the illegal things he’s done for her, unaware that the mic was capturing their private conversation. When he realized, he cried, “My mama was right. Your whole family is poison. All y’all are garbage. Every last one of you.” And mama vowed the Lyons were now “going down.”

Lucious successfully courted Charlotte, the head of the Vegas gaming commission, and told Andre he was out of the deal. Giuliana was impressed, particularly when Tory sang the song Lucious wrote for her. Andre was furious, telling Shine, “Get your men together. We’re gonna take him out.” The show ended with a distraught Cookie seeing Lucious and Gia kiss.

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