“Empire” Recap: “Civil Hands Unclean”

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empire Recap May 3 2017

By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap May 3 2017


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Cookie dealt with fallout from both Angelo and Giuliana. Here are the most important things to know about “Civil Hands Unclean,” the 15th episode of season 3. The show began with Lucious and Jamal both trying to finish their albums. Cookie stunned Lucious with her breakup news and was about to confess her feelings when Giuliana interrupted.

Lucious and Giuliana wanted to bring Snoop Dogg in on the Inferno album and Las Vegas deal, but the superstar was reluctant without Jamal playing a role. So Lucious tried to force his son to record for him, but Jamal wasn’t biting. Jamal later struggled with writer’s block, while Snoop again rejected Lucious’ offer, this time for financial reasons. Snoop said his investment adviser was against it, an adviser who shared Angelo’s last name, DuBois.

Cookie learned Andre and Shine had a deadly revenge plot against Lucious. She discouraged them, as she was convinced Lucious would “come to his senses,” drop Giuliana, and embark on Vegas as a family. Angelo, out for his own revenge, had Leviticus shut down. Cookie thought she and Lucious could fix the situation together, but was tearfully stunned to learn he and Gia were indeed in a romance. She was still convinced he’d drop her, and told Andre and Shine to let Lucious set up the Vegas club, and they’d take it from him if it came to that.

Cookie tried to apologize to Angelo, telling him, “I don’t belong in your world,” which he said she “destroyed.” She begged him to stop “firing back” at Lucious, warning he was ready to literally fire at him. Angelo’s mom in turn warned that she’d “burn” their family “to the ground.” While Lucious and Cookie wanted to strike back, Jamal wanted his family to “go high” for a change, volunteering to serve as a peacemaker. Jamal offered Angelo an apology “on behalf of my family,” as well as a $5 million donation for a new scholarship fund in the DuBois name.

Meanwhile, Hakeem wanted Bella’s birth certificate changed to list him as the birth father, not Lucious, but his dad wasn’t on board, still seeing his son as immature. He sought advice from Tiana and Tory, who were more interested in hooking up, which led to a threesome. Hakeem later used the streaming service to publicly declare himself a devoted father no matter whose name was on the birth certificate. Watching, Lucious seemed proud.

Towards the end of the episode, Jamal and Lucious ended up inspiring each other and collaborating. Cookie decided the song would appear on both albums, if she and Jamal were brought into the Vegas deal. Lucious said that wouldn’t fly with Giuliana, and Jamal again played peacemaker. Lucious ultimately agreed to bringing in Jamal, since it would get Snoop in the game. Cookie, however, warned Jamal that Lucious would just let him down again.

In the final minutes, the Lyons had a dinner to celebrate defeating both Tariq and Angelo. Lucious gave Anika her “independence” via divorce papers with a $25 million settlement agreement, and changed Bella’s birth certificate for Hakeem. The clan was relatively happy, despite Cookie and Lucious’ sparring, until Child Protective Services and the police showed up to take Bella over child endangerment claims. Lucious was convinced Angelo and his mother were to blame. Next week, the war between the two families goes to the next level.

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