“Empire” Recap: “Absent Child”

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By Shari Weiss |

empire Recap May 10 2017


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” the Lyons faced off with the DuBois family and fought to get baby Bella back. Here are the most important things to know about “Absent Child,” the 16th episode of season 3.

The show began with the Lyons confronting Angelo and his mom Diana at a mediation session, accusing them of orchestrating Bella’s removal by Child Services. They denied it, but Anika pleaded for her daughter’s return. As it turned out, Bella was missing, and Anika and Hakeem were warned they wouldn’t see her for a long time. Thirsty advised Anika to distance herself from the Lyons to make her appear more fit as a parent. Cookie and Lucious urged unity to the rest, so they stay strong.

Cookie enlisted Shine both to intimidate Angelo and his mother and to advance their Vegas plans behind Lucious’ back. An increasingly angry Andre clashed with Shine, even though they were on the same side. Unhinged, he then assaulted Anika for pushing Rhonda down the stairs, killing their baby. Crying, she said she “deserved to suffer” with Bella missing, and Andre agreed, wanting her to live with the pain like he does. He and Cookie later met with Gino to get his Vegas backing, but Andre again lashed out, accusing her of still favoring Lucious. And when Nessa tried to clap back at Cookie, the matriarch slapped her.

Lucious and Jamal had different visions for a remix of their collaboration. Lucious lined up a rapper named Trig (Fetty Wap), who was popping pills after getting shot and still bleeding as he recorded. Jamal wasn’t having it, and stood up to his dad. Lucious later asked his mother, “Do you think I’m a good father?” She replied, “You’re not even a good person.” He regretted both, more so when she praised Jamal. Inspired by his late father, Lucious agreed to use Jamal’s remix.

Hakeem publicly accused the DuBois family of taking Bella, and Diana wanted to sue for libel. Angelo didn’t want things to escalate, but Lyon fans swarmed in a protest, demanding they “free Bella.” And Cookie and Shine tried to accomplish just that by kidnapping Angelo and torturing him. He still insisted he wasn’t involved, and warned her, “You’re not going to get away with this.” But with him not budging, Cookie started to think he really wasn’t in on it.

In the final minutes, Cookie told Lucious she wanted to unite with him on Vegas, but he chose to move forward with his original plans with Giuliana. “I did 17 years for you,” Cookie told him. Countered Gia, “Thank you for that. But I’ll take it from here.” Nessa told Andre he’s “crazy” and seemingly dumped him. Angelo, freed, wanted to go the police, but Diana had another idea. With that, Bella was wheeled in in a carriage. “They ruined one of mine, so I took one of theirs,” she declared.

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