Emma Watson NOT Marrying Boyfriend On New Year’s Eve, Despite Report

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Emma Watson Marrying Boyfriend

By Michael Lewittes |

Emma Watson Marrying Boyfriend

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Emma Watson is not planning to marry boyfriend William Mack Knight on New Year’s Eve, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s “made up.”

According to repeatedly discredited OK!, Watson is planning on “settling down” with Knight after a “private and low-key” wedding at the end of the year. The tabloid claims Watson’s already “sorting out the wedding arrangements,” and even quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “They’ve been shopping for a ring and are planning to wed on New Year’s Eve.”

The magazine fills most of its space, noting that even though Watson is nearly a decade younger that Knight, what they have in common is that “they are both really smart.” The publication then notes how Watson attended Brown, while Knight went to Princeton and received his MBA from Columbia Business School. The outlet’s supposed “source” further says she likes him because he’s “fun” and “geeky,” and her family “adores him,” as well. The sleuths at the tabloid also report that he’s athletic and “handsome.”

After the publication completes its regurgitation of what it seemingly Googled, it then claims, “Don’t expect a lavish ceremony.” The wedding, alleges its ill-informed “insider,” will be “private and low-key. The goal is to keep it quiet till it’s done and dusted.”

Actually, Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that one shouldn’t expect a wedding at all come New Year’s Eve. After if it seems after the New Year that talk of Watson getting married is “quiet,” there’s good reason. She’s not tying the knot then. An impeccable source close to Watson exclusively assures us the OK! story is “rubbish and totally made up.”

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Emma Watson is marrying her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve.

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