Did Emma Stone Date Richard Madden?

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Emma Stone in a lack top next to a photo of Richard Madden in a tuxedo

By Hugh Scott |

Emma Stone in a lack top next to a photo of Richard Madden in a tuxedo

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Exactly one year ago, a tabloid claimed Emma Stone and Richard Madden were dating. Gossip Cop quickly debunked the story. It wasn’t true then and it looks way more ridiculous one year later.

On January 22, 2019, Heat insisted Stone and Madden were dating after finding they “had immediate chemistry” after meeting at the Golden Globes last year. The magazine’s so-called “insider” claimed, “Richard and Emma have spent a lot of time together in LA. They know that long distance can be a disaster, but Emma’s hoping to film in London soon. They’re really into each other and it’s all Emma can talk about.”

The tabloid filled in the backstory by reporting correctly that Madden had recently broken up with his girlfriend, Ellie Bamber. That was the only true bit of information in the piece. The unreliable outlet completely ignored the fact that Stone was dating Saturday Night Live writer Dave McCary and had been for a couple of years at that point. Even more embarrassing for the oft-incorrect magazine? Stone and McCary got engaged last month.

The tabloid’s attempt to connect two stars simply for chatting at an awards show looks pathetic and sad today. The publication took a shot in the dark and missed wildly. Gossip Cop debunked the story at the time, pointing out that Stone and McCary were spotted at a basketball game a few days earlier. Furthermore, time has proven Gossip Cop to be the more reliable source here, as obviously the Game Of Thrones star and the Zombieland star never hooked up. The tabloid’s conjecture was way off.

Heat’s reporting on Stone has not gotten better, either. Last month, just after Stone and McCary announced their engagement, the outlet published a phony report claiming Stone and Taylor Swift were “at war” planning their respective weddings. The tabloid again quoted a so-called “insider” as saying, “Taylor feels that it’s her who should get married first. But at the moment, in terms of planning and making decisions, Emma seems to be way ahead.” The preposterous story clearly bogus. Swift is not even engaged to her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, much less “racing” to beat Stone to the altar.

The tabloids also have little insight into Madden’s love life. Last May, right after the actor signed on to Marvel’s Eternals, OK! immediately connected him with another star in the movie, Angelina Jolie. The outlet insisted Jolie was “crushing” on Madden and a supposed source stated, “Richard is definitely someone Angelina has her eye on. She thinks he’s incredibly handsome and talented, and she’s excited to see where their friendship goes next.” Gossip Cop debunked that false report as well – and the co-stars obviously aren’t a couple.


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