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Emma Stone is not pregnant with Justin Theroux's baby, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can debunk this story. As we've already reported, the stars aren't even dating.

"Is Emma Having Justin's Baby?" asks Woman's Day Australia in a headline. The tabloid doesn't actually have the answer to that question. Instead, it merely speculates, spreads supposed "rumors," and offers misinformation. The piece begins, "They might be filming together, but [Jennifer Aniston's] ex Justin Theroux has certainly been spending plenty of time with his co-star Emma Stone when the cameras stop rolling."

Continues the magazine, "Now, after countless flirty outings together, rumors are rife that Emma may be pregnant!" The outlet contends Stone has been "spotted on several occasions in the past few weeks wearing baggy clothes and seemingly trying to cover a baby bump." The publication features an undated photo of Stone in which her arm is over her stomach.

But just a few weeks ago, Stone didn't hide her midsection at all when she saw The Band's Visit on Broadway. In those pictures, in which she's wearing a pair of tight jeans with a tucked-in shirt, as opposed to "baggy clothes," it's clear she has no "baby bump" at all. The same is apparent in photos of Stone at the LVMH Prize 2018 Edition in early June.

The Oscar winner's career obligations are also evidence she's not expecting and doesn't plan to have a child in the near future. Stone is in talks to star in a new Little Women adaptation, and next January, Stone will film Zombieland 2. Obviously, the actress wouldn't be filling up her work schedule if she were pregnant and preparing to welcome a baby.

But even if she were, Theroux would not be the father. In late May, Stone told WWD that Theroux is "like my brother." And the assertion that they are currently "filming together" is provably false. As Theroux posted on Instagram back in December, their upcoming show "Maniac" wrapped filming more than six months ago.

It is evident the tabloid didn't bother to do any research or fact-checking before peddling this tale about the pair having a baby together, which a rep for Theroux confirms to Gossip Cop is untrue. This is the third time since his split from Aniston that the gossip media has wrongly alleged the actor may soon become a dad. In early March, New Idea claimed Theroux wanted to have a baby with Alexa Chung. Much like Stone, though, he wasn't dating her, either.

That same month, Heat did a cover story contending Aniston was worried Theroux would have a baby with Petra Collins. He also wasn't dating her, much less starting a family together. The tabloids are clearly in a hurry to make "The Leftovers" star a father, but it isn't happening at this time.

Conclusion: Woman's Day speculates Stone is pregnant with Theroux's baby, claiming she is sporting a "baby bump." But recent photos of the actress show she is as slim as ever. The tabloid wrongly says the co-stars are still filming their show when they wrapped last year. And Theroux's own spokesperson confirms they are not having a baby together. For all these reasons, Gossip Cop is deeming this story false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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