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Were Emma Stone and Justin Theroux caught showing PDA? The National Enquirer thinks it uncovered proof the stars are a couple. Gossip Cop can explain how the purported evidence is anything but.

In a supposed "world exclusive," the supermarket tabloid announces, "Justin & Emma — The Secret's Out!" The gossip magazine contends that "in an act of ultimate betrayal," Jennifer Aniston's ex was "caught red-handed in a romantic clinch" with his "new squeeze." The outlet claims to have "spied the backstabbing lovebirds sneaking around a private hotel after dark."

But the publication's "exclusive photos" merely show Stone and Theroux talking as they're surrounded by people at a party on May 28. There is no "romantic clinch" in the pictures. In fact, video shared on Twitter from the bash, which was for Louis Vuitton, simply shows Stone leaning in to talk to Theroux, along with other pals. In fact, as she leans into the actor's right ear, a male friend is leaning into his left. The photos presented by the tabloid are screengrabs from the video, and there's nothing about the interaction that proves Stone and Theroux are a couple. And while the footage has been circulating online for more than a week, no reputable media outlet has tried to offer it as evidence of a romance because it's not.

After that fumble, the magazine goes on to contend the duo also engaged in PDA at the Louis Vuitton fashion show earlier that day. A so-called "onlooker" is quoted as saying, "They were obviously trying to keep it on the down-low, but when they thought no one was looking, they couldn't keep their hands off each other." That's an odd and obviously false claim to make considering photos show Stone and Theroux weren't even seated next to each other at the event. Additionally, even though dozens of cameras were around, there's not a single picture that's surfaced showing them with their "hands" on one another. And no credible publication that was on hand to cover the fashion show reported anything about Theroux and Stone showing PDA.

The outlet even acknowledges in its story that "reps denied the romance," and Gossip Cop is also told there is nothing actually going on between the "Maniac" co stars. "It isn't true, any of it," a Stone confidante exclusively tells us about the rampant speculation she and Theroux are an item. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, our impeccable insider maintains "there is no relationship" beyond a friendship.

Conclusion: The National Enquirer claims to have exclusively obtained snapshots of Stone and Theroux "caught" showing PDA at a hotel, but the pictures are really just photo stills of a video previously shared on social media. Neither the photos nor the video, which was taken at a party, show the actress and actor involved in any romantic gesture. And while an untraceable "onlooker" alleges they "couldn't keep their hands" to themselves at a different event that same day, there are zero photos to substantiate that contention while there are pictures of them actually sitting apart. Furthermore, spokespeople for both Theroux and Stone are on record denying a romance, and Gossip Cop is also told they are "just friends and colleagues." Through all of this it is abundantly clear the report is entirely off-base.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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