Emma Stone “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Interview About Oscars (VIDEO)

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Emma Stone Jimmy Kimmel Live Acting

By Holly Nicol |

Emma Stone Jimmy Kimmel Live Acting

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Emma Stone appeared on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where she discussed the upcoming Oscars, her experience at the Chinese Theatre handprint ceremony, and how she told her parents she wanted to become an actress. Check out the videos below!

During her interview, Stone discussed how she isn’t prepared for the Oscars and has yet to write a speech. “What, do you think I just have a Rolodex of speeches? ‘That’s my best one, I’m gonna save that for this hypothetical situation!'” she joked.

The Oscar nominee then confessed she had no idea what was going on when she got her hands and footprints enshrined in cement at the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. “I do want to let you know, I had no idea what the hell was going on. I thought, this is just a fun, little celebration, and they’ll just put it up in a museum somewhere,” she said. “I had no idea, and then I burst into tears and really humiliated myself. Everybody was like, I don’t understand how you didn’t know that this is what this is.”

The actress went on to discuss how she originally told her parents at the age of 14 about her dream of becoming an actress. “I made a little presentation for them. A PowerPoint presentation,” she said. “It was on my computer in my bedroom and they came in and sat on the bed and watched the PowerPoint. The end of it was, ‘and then, I’m going to end up on Jimmy Kimmel, and we’re going to talk about this!'” she joked. Check out the hilarious videos below!

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