Emma Stone, Drake NOT “Chatting” In DMs On Instagram, Despite Report

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emma Stone Drake DMs

By Shari Weiss |

emma Stone Drake DMs

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Emma Stone and Drake are NOT trading DMs, despite a 100 percent wrong report. Gossip Cop can bust the false story.

MediaTakeOut announces in a headline on Thursday, “Drake Looks Like He’s Ready To TRADE UP From J Lo… Look At What POPULAR ACTRESS… He’s Been CHATTING With… In Her DMs!!! (Drake’s Trying To F*CK His Way To The TOP).” The actual article begins by asking, “Has Drake graduated from INSTA-THOTS . . . onto Hollywood A-listers?”

“The rumor mill is HEATING UP with reports that Drake has been sliding up in actress Emma Stone’s DMs,” writes the site. “Allegedly Drake is on a KARDASHIAN-EQUE come up. He used J Lo to step into Hollywood — now he’s moving on to the REAL A-listers.”

MTO goes on to note, “Emma is a RED HOT actress — with her new project La La Land getting all kinds of awards and nominations. And Champagne Papi is looking right in…” But here’s so many flaws in this brief, yet erroneous, report that Gossip Cop almost isn’t sure where to start.

First off, Drake is already on the A-list, particularly in the music industry, so there is no “top” he’s trying to reach. To suggest he’s on a “KARDASHIAN-EQUE come up” is laughable. To what does a 35-time Grammy nominee need to “come up”? Equally ridiculous is the notion that Jennifer Lopez isn’t a “REAL A-lister” and that she would be a stepping stone to a bigger celebrity.

But none of that tops the largest problem with the story, which is this: It’s all based on a fake Instagram account. The page cited by MediaFakeOut as proof that Drake and Stone are trading DMs is not verified. In fact, it’s very obviously run by an impostor who is pretending to be Stone. It only takes a cursory glance at the impersonator’s posts to see that Stone, who does NOT use social media, is not the person behind the account.

And beyond referencing that account and showing an screengrab alleging Drake is following the page, the webloid has zero evidence that the rapper and Stone are “chatting” through social media. Gossip Cop also did a little digging, and it seems MediaFakeOut swiped these unfounded claims not from legitimate “reports,” as claimed above, but from posts on a message board and a Drake fan account on Instagram. That fan, at least, acknowledged it wasn’t Stone’s “real account.” The same cannot be said for the supposed journalists at MTO.

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