Emma Stone And Austin Stowell Dating Report Is False

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emma Stone Austin Stowell Dating

By Shari Weiss |

emma Stone Austin Stowell Dating

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Emma Stone and Austin Stowell are NOT dating, despite a report from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story.

The claim can be found in Wednesday’s new issue of Star, which alleges “sparks are flying” between Stone and Stowell as they film Battle Of The Sexes. The actors play the real-life Billie Jean King and her husband Larry, but the magazine “suspects the two are also cozying up when the cameras stop rolling.” A so-called “on-set spy” is quoted as saying, “Emma and Austin are inseparable.”

“There’s a real connection there. They have the same sense of humor and are constantly teasing each other in between takes about how sexy they look in the funky 1970s-inspired gets-up they have to wear,” continues the supposed source. The tipster adds, “The cast and crew are always saying what a cute couple they make. Emma and Austin try to brush it off, you should see the way they blush!”

Well, the faces of the folks at Star should be turning red right about now, as the tabloid has made yet another blunder. Stone and Stowell’s relationship is strictly professional, and there’s no-off camera romance. Sources close to both stars exclusively tell Gossip Cop the dating report is not true.


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