An "exclusive" story on whether Eminem will run for president against Donald Trump in 2020 was made up, his rep confirms to Gossip Cop exclusively. We can expose this blatant fabrication.

On Tuesday, Eminem made headlines after his blistering anti-Trump rap for the BET Hip-Hop Awards went viral. Now in the wake of that real news, HollywoodLife is doing what it typically does: Trying to seize on a hot topic by manufacturing fake news. The site claims it's learned the rapper's reaction to the "attention" his rap is receiving and also purports to have the "EXCLUSIVE scoop on whether or not he'll 'pull a Kanye' and run for office!"

A so-called "source close to the rapper" is quoted as saying, "Eminem is very happy that his take down of Trump is getting so much attention. He feels that he has to use his gift for good and dropping the rap is his way to get his message out there." This supposed snitch goes on, "As for taking it to the political stage and to run for office in any way? Not a chance in the world. Marshall is not going to pull a Kanye and announce his candidacy." Adds the webloid's alleged tipster, "Eminem is a success at music and he wants to use his music for good. And it obviously shows that it is working with this recent attack on Trump."

To be clear, this "source" went from referring to the performer as "Eminem" to "Marshall" and back to "Eminem" again. Real people don't do that in conversation. On top of that red flag, Gossip Cop was also of course suspicious that HollywoodLies, of all outlets, would be the one to get the "scoop" on the whether he'd run for political office and his feelings in the aftermath of his viral take-down. Our concerns were confirmed when a spokesperson for Eminem exclusively told us, "That source is not a real one."

You don't say? HollywoodLies, as Gossip Cop has pointed out in countless stories, seems to have a tendency to invent "sources" and "insiders" for "exclusive" stories related to popular subjects. Eminem's rap was one of the most-talked about pop culture topics of the week, and it's clear the online publication wanted to exploit that. By offering original content, the webloid, theoretically, can attract fans and be rewarded by search engines. But this article, like so many others, is completely made up and entirely fake.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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