Emily Luther, Adam Pearce “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch Performances!

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emily Luther Adam Pearce Voice Knockouts

By Shari Weiss |

emily Luther Adam Pearce Voice Knockouts


Emily Luther and Adam Pearce sparked the only steal on “The Voice” Knockouts on Monday. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Luther’s Blind Audition performance of “Summertime” impressed three of the coaches. Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine all wanted the seasoned performer with the jazz-toned voice to join their teams. Ultimately, though, she chose Levine to be her coach. That choice paid off in the Battles, where he named her the winner over fellow Team Adam member Gary Carpentier, who was eliminated from the NBC competition. Meanwhile, Pearce also won his Battle under Levine’s guidance, though his opponent, Whitney Fenimore, was stolen.

Now Luther and Pearce had to face off against each other if they wanted to make it to the Playoffs. But instead of joining forces on a duet, like during the Battles, they had to perform individually. Luther chose to sing Pink’s “Glitter In The Air,” while Pearce selected “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple. In rehearsals with key advisor Kelly Clarkson, Luther was warned that her first take was “almost too perfect.” And Pearce was told to ditch the guitar so he could really “perform” on the stage.

The two artists couldn’t be more different, and that showed in their performances. “Definitely two of the best on Team Adam,” Blake Shelton admitted, giving his vote to Luther. Jennifer Hudson found Peace to be “electric” on stage, whereas Luther showed “such poise and presence.” She ultimately favored Pearce, though. Miley Cyrus said she sensed “nerves” from Luther, while Luther sang “incredibly.” Still, she noted that Pearce’s “big performances” would go over well in the Live rounds.

Of course, it was up to Levine to make the final call. Though he felt Luther was missing a piece of the “puzzle,” namely Pearce’s “mojo,” he handed her the win. But it wasn’t the end of the road for Pearce, as Cyrus decided to use her only steal of the Knockouts to add him to her team. Check out the videos below!

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