Emily Blunt And Anne Hathaway Lip Sync Battle Video: Watch “No Diggity” Rap, “Wrecking Ball” Performance And More!

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Emily Blunt Anne Hathaway Lip Sync Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Emily Blunt Anne Hathaway Lip Sync Battle Video


Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway were the latest stars to face off on Thursday’s “Lip Sync Battle,” and Gossip Cop has a full recap of the crazy showdown. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the new Spike series premiered last week, based on recurring bits Jimmy Fallon has done with celebrity guests on “Late Night” and the “Tonight Show.” While the premise is extremely simple, it’s also unbelievably entertaining. Two stars compete to win over the audience with their lip syncing skills.

As seen on last week’s back-to-back premiere episodes with Fallon versus Dwayne Johnson and John Legend versus Common, there are two rounds. The first matchup, however, is essentially a warm up for the second, when the stars don costumes, use props, and are joined by backup dancers for a full-on epic performance. And yet there’s no real singing involved, which is especially interesting for the Blunt-Hathaway battle, as both of them have vocal skills. Hathaway, of course, won an Oscar for her musical turn in Les Miserables, and Blunt showed off her chops in Into The Woods last December.

But the former co-stars and longtime friends weren’t much interested in singing during the first round. Both actually incorporated faux RAPPING, with Hathaway kicking off the competition with a Mary J. Blige track, after which Blunt took on the classic, “No Diggity.” And though Blunt called her pal “cheap” for dancing sexually, she actually went as far as practically twerking on Hathaway, stunning host LL Cool J and color commentator Chrissy Teigen.

Hathaway jokingly pulled a “Kanye” afterward, running up to interrupt Blunt to say she was “really happy for her but…” All that, however, was nothing compared to the second round. As seen in the teaser Gossip Cop previously posted, Hathaway actually recreated Miley Cyrus’ infamous “Wrecking Ball” music video, right down to licking a hammer and riding a ball on stage in her underwear. And for her part, Blunt went full on “flower child” (see photo above) for Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.”

There was screaming, bird-flipping, and lots of jokes about balls. In the end, though, the audience’s cheers determined HATHAWAY was the winner! It was actually no surprise after Hathaway’s incredible “Wrecking Ball” rendition, with Blunt even admitting her “hippie” routine was “annihilated.” So, what was the prize for this bizarre Devil Wears Prada reunion? The “Lip Sync Battle” championship belt, of course! Check out the clips below!


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