Emily Blunt Told By ‘Fox & Friends’ Host To “Leave Hollywood” After Anti-American Citizenship Remarks (VIDEO)

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Emily Blunt Fox Friends American Citizen

By Andrew Shuster |

Emily Blunt Fox Friends American Citizen

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Emily Blunt’s recent negative comments about her American citizenship resulted in “Fox & Friends” fill-in anchor Anna Kooiman suggesting the actress “leave Hollywood.” Watch the video below!

While the British-born Blunt was at the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend, she told The Hollywood Reporter, “I became an American citizen recently and that night we decided to watch the Republican debate, and I thought this was a terrible mistake. What have I done?”

Blunt went on to express how’s she “not entirely thrilled” about having become American, adding, “It was sad. I like being British.” The actress also said that she was forced to “renounce the Queen,” a demand she described as “typically American.”

After recapping Blunt’s controversial remarks, Kooiman made the point that Blunt has enjoyed a very successful career in Hollywood as a result of many Americans flocking to her films. “Why don’t you leave Hollywood, California, and let some American women take on the roles that you’re getting,” the news host said, adding, “because Americans are watching your movies and lining your pockets.”

Co-host Steve Doocy added that Blunt’s comments have most likely “alienated half the country that now will think twice about going to one of her movies.” Watch the “Fox & Friends” clip below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think about the controversy surrounding Emily Blunt’s anti-American citizenship remarks.


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