Elton John Slams Janet Jackson: “I’d Rather See A Drag Queen” Perform

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Elton John Slams Janet Jackson

By Andrew Shuster |

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Elton John slams Janet Jackson in a new interview, accusing the singer of lip-syncing in concert and saying he’d rather “see a drag queen” perform. But that’s not all.

John prides himself on singing live, and isn’t afraid to speak out against fellow artists who he feels are not authentic. “I say what I feel,” the musician tells Rolling Stone about his knack for being brutally honest. “You know, f***ing music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, ‘This is the greatest show – four and a half stars.’ It’s f***ing lip-synced! Hello! That’s not a show! I’d rather go and see a drag queen. F**k off.”

And although they’ve recently buried the hatchet, John and Madonna were in a nearly decade-long feud after the “Rocket Man” singer blasted her for also allegedly lip-syncing onstage. “I probably went too far with Madonna,” John now admits. “And I got very personal and I wrote her. She was very gracious.” But John doesn’t just call out his peers for their supposed fake singing. The singer notes that he’s also had to reprimand Billy Joel, with whom he often tours, for his issues with alcohol.

“Billy was pissed, and I understand,” John says. “But does it mean I don’t love him? No, of course not.” The musician, who’s had his own struggles with substance abuse, adds, “But I know when people used to say to me, ‘You’re wasting your life,’ I’d go, ‘F**k off!’ and I wouldn’t speak to them for two years.”


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