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Ellie Kemper really loves ice cream. A lot. The Office actress admits that ice cream is something she wastes a lot of money on. The other? Maybe the best way to get the ice cream: Amazon Prime same-day delivery.

We all scream for ice cream

Let's be frank here, ice cream is awesome and no one should be criticized for buying or eating it. But Ellie Kemper may be going a little too far with it. She was asked by Money what her favorite thing to buy is, and it seems she took the question to mean what she buys the most. "If you saw my freezer, you'd think there was a mental disorder," Kemper says, "and there might be, because there are always like seven pints in there."

Seven pints of ice cream seems like a lot, but the diminutive actress isn't gorging herself. "I don't eat a pint a night — I take a scoop from each one. It's mildly disturbing." So, she has a freezer full of partially eaten pints of ice cream to be exact. It sounds like she'd rather just buy the ice cream than eat it. How she gets her collection of pints may be another pricey guilty pleasure we've all indulged in: Amazon Prime same-day delivery.

Instant shopping pleasure is worth it

"A guilty pleasure, and I do think it's guilty, is I'll pay for same-day delivery on Amazon," says Ellie Kemper. Luckily, it's not just ice cream, "I'll decide that I need something, whether it's a grocery item or shorts for my son, and I'll realize — I can't wait a day! I need it now!" She admits she knows she doesn't really need it right now. "I don't end up using it for a week. That's an indulgence. I will pay the $5.99 for same-day, and that's got to be a huge waste of money." It may be a waste, but it's something everyone can relate to. One-day and same-day delivery has changed the world. Anyone remember those old mail-order commercials on late-night TV that warned delivery would take six to eight weeks? Imagine a company trying that today!

Kemper waits for one thing though

Something else that is pretty relatable about Ellie Kemper's spending habits is airline tickets, as she confessed that she waits too long to buy. "One thing I'm terrible about is forgetting to book airline tickets in advance. These aren't items, more like fees," says the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star. "I definitely will buy airline tickets close to my departure date, and that's just foolish," she adds, "I think of it as like a tax I pay on not being able to plan ahead of time." That can get costly, but sometimes, it's necessary, since "it's hard to plan in advance when we have jobs where the schedule's always changing. I'll blame it on that."


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