Ellie Goulding Blames Alleged Lip Syncing On “Sound Guy” (VIDEO)

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Ellie Goulding Lip Syncing Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ellie Goulding Lip Syncing Video

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Ellie Goulding is responding to accusations of lip syncing by blaming exhaustion and the “sound guy” at the AFL Grand Final. Check out the controversial video below.

Goulding was at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) stadium on Saturday for the Australian Football League’s version of the Super Bowl. The singer was on stage to give a pre-game performance when her track “Love Me Like You Do” began playing with Goulding’s vocals, and then even a snippet of “Burn” could be heard. The problem: Goulding was walking around aimlessly and had the microphone nowhere near her mouth.

Many took to social media to accuse Goulding of lip syncing, which she seemed both amused and angered by. She initially tweeted, “Love it when people think I lip sync, what a rad compliment :)” Goulding went on to write a few hours later, “Considering I had no voice yesterday and a sleepless night because of the meds I would say it’s been a good day :) thanks for the love x.”

“I give 100% in my performances even when people don’t give much back. My fans know that. That’s because I love what I do so much. :),” she continued. “Truth be told I’ve been unwell the past week and I could do with a long spell chill but I was determined to give everything for Oz today.”

Goulding then posted, “Incidentally the sound guy who pressed playback twice and triggered both band tracks simultaneously is nowhere to be seen…” She included a laughing emoji. But for anyone who still has doubts, Grand Final producer Michael Gudinski is coming to the singer’s defense.

“Ellie performed live vocals to a backing track. This is a very common practice for performances in situations such as the Grand Final,” he says in a statement. “Unfortunately a technical issue at the start of Ellie’s performance caused a brief hiccup but Ellie went on to prove just how much of a superstar she is, belting out two of her massive hits. Claims that Ellie lip synced her performance are absolutely untrue.”

And it’s worth noting Goulding’s Virgin Australia Premiership Party concert after the game seemed to go on without any further incident. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think of the situation. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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