Ellen DeGeneres Wishes Hillary Clinton “Healthy Energy” After Canceling Appearance

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ellen DeGeneres Health Hillary Clinton

By Shari Weiss |

ellen DeGeneres Health Hillary Clinton

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Ellen DeGeneres is sending well-wishes to Hillary Clinton. As Gossip Cop reported, the presidential candidate is battling pneumonia.

Clinton initially tried to keep the illness under wraps after being diagnosed last Friday. On Sunday, however, she appeared to nearly faint while leaving the 9/11 memorial, with her camp saying she became “overheated.” But the Democratic nominee’s doctor later revealed that Clinton was sick with pneumonia.

Consequently, Clinton has canceled her upcoming appearances in Los Angeles. She was slated to participate in celebrity fundraisers and tape an interview with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Fortunately, the talk show host isn’t upset over the cancellation. DeGeneres tweeted to Clinton on Monday, “.@HillaryClinton sending you lots of love, healthy energy, and an edible arrangement.”

The presidential contender hasn’t responded publicly to the message. She also hasn’t personally tweeted since the fainting incident, which was caught on camera.

As Gossip Cop reported, the situation sparked a mixed reaction from politically-minded celebrities. Some, like Piers Morgan, suggested that the footage gave credibility to conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health. Others, such as Sophia Bush, defended Clinton, pointing out she was dealing with a common ailment. Perhaps surprisingly, Donald Trump also wished Clinton well early Monday. He’ll be discussing his own health on the “Dr. Oz” show later this week.

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