Ellen DeGeneres And Caitlyn Jenner NOT “At War,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ellen DeGeneres Feud Caitlyn Jenner

By Shari Weiss |

Ellen DeGeneres Feud Caitlyn Jenner


Ellen DeGeneres and Caitlyn Jenner are NOT “at war,” despite a new tabloid cover story that seeks to sensationalize their recent interviews about gay marriage.

As Gossip Cop reported, Jenner appeared on last week’s season 13 premiere of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she opened up about her transition. The transgender star also spoke about her stance on gay marriage, explaining how she used to be against such unions, but has started to come around to the idea. DeGeneres later said in an interview of her own with Howard Stern that she found Jenner’s perspective “confusing.”

Enter Star, which is now twisting the rather benign situation into a dramatic and fictitious cover story. The new issue hit newsstands on Wednesday, dramatically exclaiming, “Ellen & Caitlyn NASTY FEUD EXPLODES!” The accompanying articles claims the two stars are “at war,” and purports to have details about a “heated fight backstage” that led to “Caitlyn getting kicked out and Ellen vowing to expose” her “as a fraud.”

According to Star, DeGeneres “blew up” once the cameras stopped rolling and “unleashed her anger.” A so-called “on-set source” claims, “Ellen’s blood was boiling, and they exchanged insults. Ellen accused Caitlyn of being homophobic, and Caitlyn said some nasty things back. She was behaving like an entitled diva, and eventually Ellen had security escort her out.”

It’s further said that DeGeneres’ “bitterness has only grown” since the taping, with the talk show host supposedly badmouthing Jenner behind her back and contemplating whether to do “damage.” The claims are only half-heartedly backed up by “source” quotes about how “no one would be surprised” if DeGeneres used her “power” to torpedo Jenner’s career. But it’s only Star that is doing “damage,” by shamefully trying to capitalize on the situation with made-up details.

Gossip Cop went directly to a trusted “Ellen Show” production insider with the new allegations, and we were told “every single one” is patently false. Adds our impeccable insider, “It’s all really untrue.” DeGeneres and Jenner may not quite see eye to eye, but there is no ongoing “war,” and the alleged backstage drama never happened.


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