Ellen DeGeneres is not being forced into rehab, nor is her injured finger the result of a "violent blow-up" with Portia de Rossi, despite a fabricated report. Gossip Cop can correct this shameful misinformation.

As Gossip Cop reported, last week DeGeneres dislocated her finger, and recounted what happened on her talk show. The comedienne explained she fell over a step while entering her home, and ended up in the emergency room. She copped to drinking two glasses of wine with de Rossi at a dinner party before the incident, jokingly blaming the mishap on the booze.

But now the National Enquirer is going a lot further. In addition to claiming DeGeneres actually injured herself during a "brutal fight" with de Rossi, the supermarket tabloid is also asserting the talk show host is such the alcoholic, she needs to check into treatment. The alarming story begins, "After a violent blow-up with wife Portia de Rossi over selling their magnificent Santa Barbra estate, a booze-soaked collapse sent Ellen DeGeneres racing to the emergency room! Now, friends and family are insisting the beloved TV host must finally go to rehab."

"Ellen needs help and she needs it now," a so-called "source" declares. "She can joke all she wants about this, but it is not funny. And this could spell the end of her marriage!" The supposed snitch insists DeGeneres and de Rossi had "the fight to end all fights" before the accident, with the gossip magazine even alleging the couple "nearly came to blows."

The alleged argument over selling their home "was the last straw, and it led to a drunken brawl," contends the outlet's purported tipster. Now, says the tabloid, "Portia, along with Ellen's mom, Betty, and brother, Vance, are all pushing her to address her excessive drinking."

But the National Enquirer has been running these false claims for years, wrongly insisting in 2014 that DeGeneres has a drinking problem. The publication has also run numerous untrue tales about her marriage, including a story earlier this month falsely saying de Rossi had moved out, "setting the stage for a blockbuster $350 million divorce."

This new article about DeGeneres' "battle with the bottle that left her with a mangled hand" is just the tabloid's latest angle, even though none of its prior pieces have proven to be true. On the contrary, Gossip Cop has routinely busted them with help from our trusted contact, who now exclusively tells us these latest allegations are "nonsense." No one is urging DeGeneres to go to rehab, and a fight with de Rossi did not cause the accident. And it's actually quite shameful for real medical issues to be twisted by the tabloid into fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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