‘Ellen DeGeneres’ Producer Andy Lassner, Ariana Grande Haunted House Video – WATCH

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Andy Lassner Ariana Grande Haunted House Video

By Michael Lewittes |

Andy Lassner Ariana Grande Haunted House Video

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Ellen DeGeneres Show” producer Andy Lassner was again forced to go through a haunted house for Halloween. This time around, he was joined by Ariana Grande as well as his assistant Jacqueline for the “American Horror Story” maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Watch the hilarious video below of Lassner and Grande on Monday’s show.

For the past few years, DeGeneres has made Lassner, who scares rather easily, go through a haunted house. While not fun for the producer, Lassner’s commentary and reactions to the ghouls, zombies and assorted other scary characters are pretty funny for the viewing public. Invariably, Lassner ends up hiding behind whomever joins him in the haunted house. Last year, it was his pal “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet.

This time around, Lassner ventured into the scary maze with Grande. But before the celebrity edition of Lassner in the haunted house, he first went through it with his assistant. And while the “Ellen” producer tries to handle the shocks and surprises, his forays are often marked by the bleeped out curses and telling the scary figures to “Stop it!”

Not only did that happen again when he walked through the “Horror Night Exorcist Maze” with Jacqueline for a segment that aired on Thursday, but he was equally terrified when he did it again with Grande. To be fair, the singer was frightened as well. In both instances, Lassner used the women as human shields.

Check out the video below of Andy Lassner going through a hunted house with Ariana Grande on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”


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