Did Ellen DeGeneres Quit Her Talk Show To Have A Baby With Portia De Rossi?

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi at the 2017 People's Choice Awards

By Griffin Matis |

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi at the 2017 People's Choice Awards

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What ever happened to Ellen DeGeneres quitting Hollywood to start a family with Portia de Rossi? A year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a story claiming just that. Time has proven our initial dismissal of the rumor to be correct.

Exactly twelve months ago, Life & Style claimed that DeGeneres was preparing to call it quits on her long running talk show. The legendary host of the show had extended her contract to reach through this upcoming summer, which most likely sparked the rumor. According to the outlet’s unidentifiable sources, DeGeneres was “finally quitting Hollywood” after “years of Portia begging her” to abandon her show.

Warner Bros. had supposedly offered a big salary bump to try and keep the comedian aboard for another few years, the tabloid said. The negotiation didn’t work, the source stated, since the host promised her wife that “nothing would change her mind.” The insider argued that the retirement secretly “saved their marriage” since it allowed the couple to focus on expanding their family.

The source said that the two were already getting a start on “designing nurseries” and other preparations for a baby. The tipster briefly mentioned that the couple would “either adopt or get a surrogate” but hoped for twins regardless. The source didn’t offer up any sort of believable detail about the couple’s fictional plans for children.

As we pointed out at the time, DeGeneres openly admitted that she and her wife did discuss having children at one point. The couple decided not to pursue that route, despite how often the tabloids push the idea that the couple may add to their family. Additionally, de Rossi was not and is not trying to remove her wife from Hollywood or media entirely.

The couple did share a photo of their kid on Instagram for the New Year — more specifically, Kid, their 3-year-old mixed-breed dog. “Hope you’re having as lovely a holiday as we are,” de Rossi captioned the photo. “Love, E, P and Kid.”

Outside of their pets, however, the couple still doesn’t have any children and remains happily married without them. DeGeneres also continues to host her show. Those facts certainly haven’t stopped the tabloids, though.

Life & Style claimed that DeGeneres and de Rossi had a massive blowout after DeGeneres was photographed sitting next to President George W. Bush at a football game last November. Meanwhile, the Globe falsely argued that the couple nearly split after de Rossi refused to let her wife adopt a baby gorilla. Both stories were just as false as the story from a year ago. The tabloids continue to offer no true insight into the superstar couple’s personal lives.


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