Ellen DeGeneres Refuses To Quit Talk Show And Move To Australia With Portia De Rossi?

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Ellen DeGeneres Portia De Rossi Quit Australia

By Andrew Shuster |

Ellen DeGeneres Portia De Rossi Quit Australia

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A tabloid claims Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage is in trouble because the talk show host refuses to quit her show and move to Australia with her wife. Nothing about the story is remotely true. Gossip Cop can correct it.

DeGeneres recently announced she’d be renewing her talk show contract for three more years, and according to Star, her wife was “devastated” by the decision. An alleged insider tells the magazine that DeGeneres “swore she was going to quit” Hollywood and move to de Rossi’s native Australia, but went back on her word. “[De Rossi] sees this as a betrayal,” adds the supposed source. “They’re on shaky ground, and some are saying their relationship may not last.”

This premise isn’t true, and it’s not particularly original either. Back in April, Gossip Cop busted Star’s sister outlet, In Touch, for similarly claiming DeGeneres and de Rossi were having a marriage crisis because the TV host refused to quit her daytime show. In June, we debunked a story in the tabloid’s other sister publication, OK!, which said DeGeneres and de Rossi were going to split over the talk show host renewing her contract.

This scenario wasn’t accurate the first couple of times it emerged, and it’s no more a reality now. Gossip Cop checked in with a mutual pal of ours and DeGeneres, who tells us she and de Rossi aren’t fighting over her decision to keep working. We’re further assured that the Arrested Development actress never pressured her wife to move to Australia.

It should be noted, de Rossi has a busy career of her own, having launched the art company General Public, which is based in Los Angeles. The unreliable outlet doesn’t bother to mention de Rossi’s business venture. The former actress has no desire to move to Australia when she recently set up a company that’s headquartered in LA.

As for Star, Gossip Cop called out the magazine last week for falsely claiming DeGeneres and de Rossi took a trip to Amsterdam to save their marriage. In reality, the happy spouses simply went on vacation. Less than a month ago, DeGeneres shared an Instagram post celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary with de Rossi. Along with a photo from their 2008 wedding, the talk show host wrote, “Happy anniversary, Portia. 11 years. My favorite number with my favorite person.” There’s simply no marital issues between the two, despite how many times the tabloids try to sell this story.


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