Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Making “Postnuptial Agreement”?

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Ellen DeGeneres Portia De Rossi Prenuptial Agreement

By Shari Weiss |

Ellen DeGeneres Portia De Rossi Prenuptial Agreement

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Are Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi making a “postnuptial agreement”? That’s what Star wants readers to believe, with the tabloid now backtracking after spending months falsely claiming the couple was headed for divorce. But the magazine’s new story is just as wrong, and Gossip Cop can exclusively correct it.

According to Star, it’s now a “good sign” that DeGeneres and de Rossi are supposedly “calling their attorneys,” because they’re “trying to give” their marriage “another shot” with the help of a document that would outline “the parameters of any split settlement… as an incentive to live up to new promises.” The tabloid quotes a so-called “source close to the couple” as saying, “Portia was ready to throw in the towel,” but after DeGeneres “begged her not to,” the “Scandal” star “agreed, on the condition they get a postnup.”

The magazine’s questionable snitch goes on to claim that the alleged legal document will address DeGeneres being “career-obsessed,” with a “stipulation” that she and de Rossi spend more time together with “at least two weekends” away each month, “plus four vacations a year.” Of course, Star and its “source” provide no other details about the supposed agreement. That’s because the article is mostly a work of fiction, much like too many of the outlet’s past allegations about the couple.

DeGeneres and de Rossi were never on the brink of divorce. And they are not “fighting for their marriage” now, despite how that tabloid is trying to cover up its past, provably wrong stories. An ACTUAL source close to the stars, who has repeatedly provided Gossip Cop with accurate information about the couple, tells us exclusively that the article is both not true and “ridiculous.”


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