Ellen DeGeneres Upset About Portia De Rossi Chatting With Ellen Pompeo At Party?

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Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Ellen Pompeo

By Andrew Shuster |

Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Ellen Pompeo

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Is Ellen DeGeneres upset about Portia de Rossi supposedly ignoring her at a party and chatting with Ellen Pompeo instead? That’s the ridiculous claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Last month, de Rossi held a launch party in Los Angeles to celebrate the partnership between Restoration Hardware and her art publishing company General Public. DeGeneres was on hand to support her wife at the event, as were many of the couple’s celebrity friends, including Kris Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and January Jones. According to the National Enquirer, however, the talk show host felt her wife paid a little too much attention to Pompeo.

An alleged insider tells the magazine, in oddly unnatural language, “Portia and the happily married ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ beauty were gabbing nonstop.” The supposed source goes on to say that DeGeneres became increasingly frustrated with de Rossi supposedly fixating on Pompeo, but “finally went up to her wife and snapped, ‘Why are you spending so much time talking to her!’”

But Gossip Cop checked in with a mutual pal of ours and DeGeneres, who tells us the magazine’s story is “ridiculous” and the supposed incident never happened. There’s also plenty of evidence on social media to prove that the TV host and her wife had a great time at the event. For example, DeGeneres shared an Instagram video in which she’s sweeping the floor for her wife at the party, along with the caption, “The woman who sweeps me off my feet.”

The official Instagram page of General Public also posted footage of the happy couple at the event. One of the videos shared shows DeGeneres and de Rossi holdings hands and smiling while posing for photos, along with the caption, “Proud wife at the GP X RH Launch Party.” There are also various photos of the spouses mingling with different guests throughout the night.

What the tabloid also fails to mention is that DeGeneres is friends with Pompeo, so she’d have no reason to be jealous of her wife having a conversation with the actress. In fact, Pompeo helped raise money for DeGeneres’ Wildlife Fund earlier this year, and later appeared on the host’s talk show to discuss her involvement in the charitable cause.

It must also me mentioned, it’s become clear that the Enquirer can’t be trusted when it comes to accurately reporting about the couple’s marriage. Last month, the tabloid published a bogus cover story alleging that DeGeneres had “dumped” de Rossi. This latest article is more lies from the unreliable outlet.


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