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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi had their biggest fight ever after the talk show host was criticized for sitting with George W. Bush at an NFL game? That's the outlandish rumor from one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop can correct it.

According to Life & Style, the spouses had "the fight to end all fights" as a result of the incident. "Ellen and Portia were in Texas to facilitate a partnership with Portia's new company, General Public Art, and the Jones family, which happens to own the Cowboys," an unnamed "insider" tells the magazine. "Perhaps to curry favor for the company and help out Portia's cause, Ellen made a big entrance at the stadium, posed on the field, waved to fans and took a seat in the private box next to George. She left town after the game, while Portia remained in Dallas to work on her deals."

The tabloid then calls the resulting backlash as "nothing short of a PR nightmare" with "celebs and civilians alike" criticizing DeGeneres' choice to socialize with a former president "who passed and upheld anti-LGBT policies during his time in office." The outlet then points out that de Rossi has gone "relatively unscathed" in the wake of the issue. "Ellen was furious," the source says. "She takes her image very seriously, and to become the focus of people's ire... Well, she took it all out on Portia!"

There are a number of problems with the tabloid's allegations. First off, DeGeneres and de Rossi were invited to the game by Caroline Jones, the daughter of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. They weren't exactly "currying favor" since they had been asked to attend. Second, DeGeneres didn't do any of the pre-game activities alone. De Rossi was next to her wife the entire time — including in the suite with Bush. However, it was still DeGeneres that sat next to Bush.

The biggest issue in the story, however, is the total lack of logic regarding DeGeneres' supposed outrage with her "unscathed" wife. DeGeneres addressed the whole debacle on her show, explaining that she has friends that feel differently than she does about certain things, but she's still friends with them despite their differences. She likened it to being friends with people who wear fur despite being anti-fur herself. The most important part of her statement, however, is the fact that she didn't apologize or back down from the criticism. She's obviously not freaking out about drawing ire since she's doubled down on her stance. Plus, this whole event happened at the beginning of October. It's pretty much blown over by now in the public's eye, so the tabloid's point is fairly moot.

Even the details of the article don't quite add up. The tabloid's assertion that DeGeneres was criticized by "celebs and civilians alike" is an extreme exaggeration. The vast majority of celebrities applauded DeGeneres' response to the backlash, with Mark Ruffalo serving as what seemed to be the sole opposition to DeGeneres' gesture (although The Good Place star Jameela Jamil later backtracked on her support for DeGeneres). Jamie Foxx, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Kendall Jenner and more celebrities all left positive comments on DeGeneres' Instagram post where she explained the incident. The vast majority of the critics were, in fact, regular people.

Gossip Cop already had to call out Life & Style in July for a bogus story about DeGeneres and de Rossi's relationship being "torn apart" by jealousy. A few months before that, the tabloid falsely claimed DeGeneres was quitting show business to have kids with de Rossi. The magazine clearly doesn't have any sort of reliable information on the couple, and this latest story is just more proof of that.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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