Ellen DeGeneres' obsession with gorillas and desire to adopt a baby ape is driving a rift between her and her wife, Portia de Rossi? That's the silly claim coming from one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop found it to be nonsense.

The Globe claims DeGeneres is "driving wife Portia de Rossi bananas" with her ape obsession. De Rossi, the tabloid says, has no qualms with the beasts, but is fed up with her wife's fascination with them. According to an "insider," DeGeneres is even pushing to adopt a baby gorilla. "It's all Ellen wants to talk about when she gets home and Portia's had enough," the supposed tipster says. "Portia's sick of hearing her go on and on about them."

"Ellen's donated millions to animals causes and this is her passion and legacy," the source continues, "but Portia doesn't share Ellen's love for wild animals and the cash-hungry charities that try to protect them. Portia would like Ellen to show more attention to her — her wife!"

The tabloid goes on to say that if DeGeneres is successful with her adoption plans, things may not work out for the longstanding couple. "Ellen already sponsors a large number of apes, but now she's talking about adopting a baby gorilla orphan — if she can get through the red tape. Portia is putting her foot down, saying they have enough animals to care for and their backyard isn't big enough."

The outlet then claims that friends of the couple think de Rossi may be to blame for originally gifting her wife a wild animal fund last year. That fund paid for the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. "Ellen devotes much of her free time talking long-distance to the scientists working to make a difference at her new Rwanda campus," the anonymous source adds. "Portia says if Ellen makes her watch Gorillas in the Mist one more time, she's going to puke."

While it makes for an entertaining tale, the outlet's entire story is fiction. De Rossi is actually just as passionate as her wife when it comes to the critically endangered gorillas. "I just want people to care," the actress told People magazine last month at Gorillapalooza, a charity event she and DeGeneres organized to raise the money needed to fund the DeGeneres Campus. "I guess that is all we want, for people to care, and realize what it means for humanity to have these magnificent creatures alive and well."

Gossip Cop would also like to point out that, as passionate conservationists and animal lovers, DeGeneres and de Rossi most likely know that "adopting" a gorilla is a terrible idea if you aren't a zoo or primatologist. They're more focused on ensuring that gorillas as a species survive the next few year, as every single species and subspecies of the gorilla is critically endangered. While we're glad that the outlet is inadvertently drawing attention to an important issue, we must strictly condemn its lack of fact-checking.

That being said, it doesn't come as a surprise that the Globe got it wrong. This is the same tabloid that previously claimed that DeGeneres was preparing to divorce de Rossi after she said no to adopting a human baby. The outlet clearly realized its baby narrative wasn't working, so it replaced the human infant with a gorilla and aped its previous story. The premise is false no matter which primate it's applied to.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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