Ellen DeGeneres Makes “Shocking Decision” Amid Portia de Rossi “Crisis”?

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Ellen Portia Split

By Daniel Gates |

Ellen Portia Split

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are NOT in “crisis,” despite another phony In Touch report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story, which claims DeGeneres has made “the shocking decision to stop working on her problems” with her wife.

A so-called “insider” tells the outlet, “They’re always trying to downplay their problems, but privately they’re still arguing over everything.” The In Touch source says, “Ellen’s decide to stop going to marriage counseling. She thought it was too time-consuming and a waste.”

According to the tabloid’s insider, “Ellen is so insecure. She’s terrified Portia is going to meet someone younger and prettier. She’s not just worried about Portia meeting another woman, either. Her biggest fear is that Portia will go back to men.” In Touch explains that her “angst has turned up the volume on Ellen’s smothering behavior.” The magazine’s source says the couple can’t go on much longer.

Hey, remember when In Touch claimed last July that DeGeneres and de Rossi were “having a baby” to save their marriage? Oh, how about when In Touch said in 2011 that de Rossi was “jealous” of DeGeneres’ yoga instructor? See, we remember those made-up stories.

What we don’t remember is In Touch ever having a big accurate scoop about the couple. Just years’ worth of demonstrably wrong stories about DeGeneres and de Rossi supposedly having trouble. And that hasn’t changed. A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop exclusively the story is “stupid” and “totally false.”


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