Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Never Had A Baby, One Year After False Report

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Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Baby Family

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Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Baby Family

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi still haven’t had a baby, despite a 2017 report that claimed the couple was “starting a family.” Not only has time proven Gossip Cop was right when we busted the false story, but a recent comment from the talk show host herself shows that kids of her own are still not on her agenda.

The erroneous allegations came from In Touch, which usually claims DeGeneres and de Rossi are on the brink of divorce. But in this piece, which Gossip Cop debunked on January 29 of last year, the tabloid asserted the TV personality was ready to become a mom “after years of saying no to motherhood.” A so-called “insider” maintained that while de Rossi “always” had a “dream” of “having a child,” DeGeneres typically got “cold feet,” only to now have a “change of heart.

“Though they’ve been down this family-talk road many times, it really looks like they’re finally serious about having a baby,” the supposed source was quoted as saying. It was even claimed that Justin Timberlake’s fatherhood journey was what inspired DeGeneres to embrace parenthood, to the point where she allegedly joked that “if they have a boy, they’ll name him Justin.”

As for how, exactly, she and de Rossi would have a child, the purported tipster claimed they were “discussing Portia’s carrying the child… but Ellen would rather a surrogate since she feels it’s safer.” For that, it was said they were “getting good advice” from celebrity friends who went the surrogacy route, namely Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris. But the alleged snitch also maintained DeGeneres would “love to adopt a child from her hometown of New Orleans.” The ill-informed insider declared, “It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Actually, it was a lose-lose for the gossip magazine. The couple never intended to “bring a baby into their lives.” A very close and reliable mutual friend of Gossip Cop and DeGeneres assured us at the time that nothing in the story was true, and that neither DeGeneres nor de Rossi were interested in “starting a family.” And this was after we already debunked a 2014 report from the outlet that similarly claimed, albeit wrongly, that they were going to have a baby.

What’s particularly notable now is that DeGeneres herself recently mocked the idea of her having a child. It happened earlier this month, as she responded on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to Eric Trump’s claim that she’s part of the “Deep State.” To illustrate how preposterous the contention was, the comedienne declared, “I am not part of the Deep State. Even if somebody wanted me to be involved, I don’t have that kind of time.”

She went on to crack, “I’ve got my gay agenda meetings on Mondays. On Wednesdays, Beyonce and I host an Illuminati brunch. And then Portia and I on the weekends are desperately trying to have a baby.” In one fell swoop, DeGeneres deftly addressed not just one bogus rumor, but several. Hopefully In Touch was finally watching.