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A story about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's 10th anniversary shaping up to be a "disaster" is fake news. Gossip Cop can expose the apparent fabrication. We can also explain how it contradicts a previous report.

According to the National Enquirer, DeGeneres and de Rossi are both "excited to celebrate their [10th] wedding anniversary this summer," but have "pals scratching their heads" because they have been "planning to surprise each other with big bashes that totally conflict." A so-called "snitch" is quoted as saying, "Ellen and Portia have been sneakily arranging parties, but the two celebrations land on the same day at different places." The selected time frame is said to be "the weekend after their [August] 16 anniversary" date.

The date clash is supposedly causing a dilemma that their loved ones are trying to solve without ruining either star's surprise for the other. "It's a tricky situation for their friends, because no one wants to spill the beans," contends the tabloid's alleged tipster, who adds, "Someone's going to have to delicately persuade one of them to switch their gala to a different day." The shameless magazine concludes by writing, "Note to pals: Now they know... you're welcome!"

But Gossip Cop has learned that this purported problem was entirely invented by the outlet. We spoke with one member of the couple's inner circle, who would most definitely be on the guest list for an anniversary event thrown by DeGeneres or de Rossi, and our impeccable contact was unaware of any party plans at all. "Must not be invited," joked our rock-solid insider. The real joke, of course, is that the tabloid made-up this party-clashing scenario when no such bashes are even in the works.

Beyond the insight from our confidante, who declined to speak on the record for privacy reasons, it's apparent this is fake news when you consider what this same magazine published just one week ago. In its last issue, the outlet insisted DeGeneres and de Rossi were in the midst of a "marriage crisis" that had friends fearing they were on the verge of divorce. Now the publication has abruptly changed course, going from a split narrative to one in which the couple is "excited" for their upcoming anniversary.

Similarly, the tabloid went from claiming their pals thought a divorce was looming to alleging their friends are worried about them throwing celebrations on the same day. To say this makes little sense would be a vast understatement. But the discrepancy is quite illuminating, as it shows the magazine cares about neither accuracy nor consistency. It also backs up a recent remark from DeGeneres herself. Joking with Gwen Stefani last month about gossip rumors, the comedienne sarcastically quipped, "I know that the tabloids are 100 percent accurate with everything they say."

It is highly likely DeGeneres and de Rossi will celebrate their milestone anniversary in some way, and that might ultimately entail a party. But it's obvious this publication doesn't have real insight on their plans, or the state of their marriage.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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