Truth About Portia De Rossi Leaving Ellen DeGeneres Over Her Talk Show

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ellen degeneres portia derossi talk show

By Hugh Scott |

ellen degeneres portia derossi talk show

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Portia de Rossi is not leaving Ellen DeGeneres over her talk show, despite multiple tabloid reports over the past year. Gossip Cop has corrected many takes on the subject. Here are a few wrong rumors about the spouses splitting for one reason or another.

In January, Star published a false report about de Rossi divorcing DeGeneres for defending Kevin Hart on her talk show. DeGeneres’ defense of the comedian came after he was criticized for homophobic tweets made years prior. Hart lost his gig as host of the 2019 Oscars as a result of the tweets, but DeGeneres invited him on her show and asked fans to forgive him.

The tabloid’s report quoted a phony source as saying, “Portia is disgusted by the way Ellen defended Kevin on her show.” But just one day before the story emerged, de Rossi shared an Instagram post of her and DeGeneres holding hands on horseback, very clearly in love. Shortly later, de Rossi herself appeared on her wife’s talk show.

In April, In Touch falsely claimed DeGeneres and de Rossi were having a marriage crisis because the TV personality refused to retire. The report quoted an alleged source as saying, “It seems they’re always on the verge of a breakup. Most of their friends don’t understand how they’re still married. Now they’re fighting over the show – Portia wants Ellen to quit, but she won’t.”

Gossip Cop checked with a mutual friend of ours and DeGeneres who told us the article is wrong. The bogus story was concocted after DeGeneres admitted in a New York Times interview that her wife wanted her to leave the show. However, the idea that the situation was causing any sort of marital issues was completely untrue

In May, OK! wrongly reported DeGeneres and de Rossi were headed for a split over the talk show host renewing her contract for three more years. That article alleged that the spouses had been “at odds for years” over DeGeneres’ long workdays. However, when de Rossi told the NYT she wanted DeGeneres to wrap up the show, she didn’t say anything about her schedule being an issue. Instead, de Rossi thought her wife should be able to concentrate on other things, like her stand up career and acting.

As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, it was also highly unlikely that DeGeneres would have renewed her contract without consulting her wife. Still, we ran the story by a source in the talk show host’s camp, who confirmed it was nonsense .

Less than two weeks ago, Star alleged DeGeneres was refusing to quit her show and move to Australia with de Rossi. The tabloid claimed de Rossi was “devastated” by her wife’s decision to renew her contract because she “swore she was going to quit” and move to de Rossi’s native Australia. Once again, Gossip Cop checked with a mutual friend of ours and the couple, who told us de Rossi had never pressured DeGeneres to move. The premise didn’t make much sense considering the the former actress recently launched an art company based in Los Angeles. As time has proven, DeGeneres will be hosting her show through 2022, while she and de Rossi remain happily married.


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