Ellen DeGeneres: Kim Kardashian Owed “Thank You” For Nude Selfie (VIDEO)

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ellen degeneres nude selfie kim kardashian

By Jesse Spero |

Ellen DeGeneres says Kim Kardashian is owed a “big thank you” for her nude selfie. The talk show host weighed on the reality star’s headline-making photo on Thursday’s “Ellen.” Watch the video below.

DeGeneres began by telling the studio audience, “Kim posted a selfie. It was a naked selfie… Apparently, Kim’s clothes can’t even keep up with the Kardashians.” The talk show host then explained how Bette Midler and the reality star engaged in a social media Twitter feud over the naked photo. But DeGeneres pointed out how the public should actually thank Kardashian. “If you think about it, though, we owe Kim a big thank you, because if she didn’t post a naked selfie, someone would have to do it, and I’m too busy. I don’t have time.”

DeGeneres, who joined in on the Kardashian-inspired naked selfie memes earlier in this week on Instagram, claimed her photo was the “original,” and it would have garnered more likes had it been posted. “I was in the bathroom with her. We were having such a great night, and we had some wine. And then I spilled some wine on my shirt, and I had to change my clothes and take a bath. And then Kim barged in!” joked the talk show host. “She just came in, and took her clothes off and said, ‘Let’s take a selfie!’ So that’s what we did… If any of you are going to take a bath at the Kardashians’ house, lock the door!”

Watch the “Ellen” video below in which DeGeneres explains the full story behind Kardashian’s naked bathroom selfie.


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