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It has been a rough year for Ellen DeGeneres. Claims that she is at her heart a mean person who oversaw a toxic workplace have spread like wildfire. She's both denied knowledge of the situation and apologized for it. One year ago, a tabloid claimed DeGeneres had also suffered a serious neck injury and would quit her talk show over it. Has she been apologizing with an ailing neck? Gossip Cop looks back on that rumor to see how it turned out.

Ellen Quitting Over A Broken Neck?

DeGeneres went on her talk show a year ago to say she had some neck pain but was doing better. The National Enquirer smelled blood in the water and turned this claim of pain into its headline: "Health Problems Pushing Ellen To Quit!" DeGeneres had reportedly " been telling people she can't handle the grind anymore" with her "mysterious and paralyzing" neck injury ailing her.

What the tabloid didn't mention was that DeGeneres was both still on the air and feeling better. It made a big deal out of a non-issue and was therefore completely false. One year later and The Ellen DeGeneres Show is still on the air, making this story look even sillier in hindsight.

What separates this tabloid from its peers is how it will take a kernel of truth and pop it into an overblown story. It claimed that Brad Pitt would quit acting to become a beekeeper only after he said in a real interview that acting was a "young man's game." It reported that Ken Jennings would succeed Alex Trebek as host of Jeopardy! only after the program announced Jennings would guest on the show. This doesn't make these stories true, as Gossip Cop proves time and again that they are not, but it does make them a little more believable.

First Of Many Rumors About The End Of Ellen

Once the stories of her toxic workplace environment went public, this tabloid kicked its DeGeneres stories into overdrive. DeGeneres has no present plans to leave her show, and frankly, if she was going to leave, she probably would have done it before apologizing on the air.

The tabloid reported that she was now losing guests to Kelly Clarkson. DeGeneres was supposed to be feeling abandoned by Hollywood and vowed to get revenge. In its most recent story, the tabloid claimed DeGeneres feared outright cancellation.

DeGeneres has not been hard-pressed for A-list guests and has had loads of Hollywood support. Despite these horror stories, it seems like DeGeneres will continue to host her talk show for as long as she'd like. One thing is clear though: She did not quit her show last year, nor is she dealing with a paralyzing neck issue. The Enquirer continues to publish bogus DeGeneres stories just as quickly as Gossip Cop can bust them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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