Ellen DeGeneres NOT Moving To Australia Once Show Contract Ends, Despite Report

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Ellen DeGeneres Australia talk show contract ends

By Minyvonne Burke |

Ellen DeGeneres Australia talk show contract ends

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Ellen DeGeneres is NOT moving to Australia once her talk show contract ends, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor, which began in one of the tabloids this week. We’re told by a source close to DeGeneres that the rumor is “not true.”

According to OK!, when DeGeneres’ daytime talk show contract is up in 2017, she wants to pack her bags and move to her wife Portia DeRossi’s native Australia. “Ellen will be nearing 60 when her contract ends, and she feels like that’s enough TV for her,” a so-called “pal” tells tabloid, adding, “She always told herself she would hang it up when it started to feel like a grind, and it’s been hard to keep up her famous level of enthusiasm year after year.”

The tabloid further alleges DeRossi has been talking about moving back to Australia for a while now, but DeGeneres was always opposed. Now, DeRossi’s “shocked and thrilled” DeGeneres is considering it, says OK!‘s supposed source.

Gossip Cop has busted OK! several times in the past for fabricating stories about DeGeneres and her wife. Over the summer, we corrected a claim that DeRossi was jealous of DeGeneres’ friendship with Sofia Vergara. Gossip Cop also busted the tabloid last month for alleging the couple was living apart and their marriage was “on the rocks.” Despite OK!‘s spotty track record when it comes to stories about DeGeneres and DeRossi, Gossip Cop still reached out to a trusted DeGeneres source, who assures us exclusively that OK!‘s latest story about the comedian moving to Australia is also “not true.”

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Ellen DeGeneres is moving to Australia once her contract ends.


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