Ellen DeGeneres Uses Adele To Reignite Matt Lauer Prank War – WATCH VIDEO!

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Ellen DeGeneres Matt Lauer Adele

By Michael Lewittes |

Ellen DeGeneres Matt Lauer Adele

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Ellen DeGeneres has reignited her prank war with Matt Lauer. The two had called a fake truce last April after a series of hilarious gags, but DeGeneres decided to come out swinging with a new gag that airs on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” See the prank below.

DeGeneres told her audience she “made a resolution in 2016, I was not going to mess with Matt Lauer anymore.” She added that instead she was going to “show you this clip of him interviewing Adele.” But with the help of some digital editing, Lauer appeared to get way too hands-on in his interview with Adele from last November. Lauer is seen rubbing her hand across his face and licking his lips as the camera cuts to Adele looking horrified.

Lauer got a sneak peek of the prank on Tuesday’s “Today Show” and took it in stride, laughing along with the rest of the show’s co-hosts. He said he isn’t sure how he’ll respond to the prank, but Lauer gave the impression he’ll fire back, noting he will “have to figure something out.” The “Today” show host also joked about the shot of Adele’s mortified face, noting he “asked her a weird question.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, DeGeneres first pranked Lauer last February on her show, making a “Today” show interview appear as if he was conducting it in bondage gear and had a foot fetish. Lauer responded the following month by having her car filled with thousands of ping pong balls. The two seemingly called a truce during a video for the Daytime Emmy Awards in April, but DeGeneres once again altered that footage to make it look like Lauer had removed his suit and tie to reveal himself in pasties and bikini briefs.

Check out the new clip below of DeGeneres’ prank involving Matt Lauer and Adele.


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