Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi “Marriage Trouble” During “Date Night” Is Fake News

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By Shari Weiss |

ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Marriage Trouble Date Night

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi did not show signs of “marriage trouble” during a “date night” this week, contrary to a speculative report. Based solely on paparazzi photos and debunked rumors, this article amounts to fake news. Gossip Cop can expose this unfounded clickbait.

On its website, OK! is declaring, “Something’s Off: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi Look Way Too Distant During Date Night.” The accompanying story begins, “Is everything okay? Ellen DeGeneres looked like she would rather pose with fans than stand beside her wife as they headed out for a date night in Los Angeles. Both she and Portia de Rossi smiled for the cameras, but is something wrong behind closed doors?”

Of course, purported news resources are supposed to be answering questions, not raising them. But the tabloid is only suggesting “something’s off” to get readers to click through its online photo gallery. The paparazzi pictures, though, don’t indicate anything abnormal. DeGeneres and de Rossi are seen outside before and after the comedienne’s stand-up show at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles earlier this week. They look perfectly normal and there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the snapshots.

The gossip magazine merely tied the photos to a manufactured narrative for the sake of traffic. The outlet says DeGeneres and de Rossi “have dealt with breakup rumors for years,” yet notes, “Despite the allegations, the two have remained strong for over a decade. And Ellen has even shut the rumors down herself.” The publication then admonishes the stars, “Well then, walk closer together you two!” Seriously? DeGeneres and de Rossi don’t have to walk a certain way to please the gossip media or to prove their marriage is strong.

And since OK! rather offer questions than answers, it ends the sensational piece by asking readers, “What are your thoughts on their marriage?” Frankly, it doesn’t matter what the public thinks of their marriage or how closely they should be walking. What really matters here is the tabloid twisted rather meaningless, everyday paparazzi photos into fake news. And nowhere in this stupid story does the magazine mention that the couple was quite cozy at the VMAs together just days ago (see photo below), or that they posted anniversary tributes to each other on social media only two weeks ago.

It couldn’t be any clearer that this article was about clicks, not sharing well-reported news. Notably, this isn’t the first time the outlet has spread falsehoods about DeGeneres and de Rossi having marriage problems, either. Whether online or in print, it’s all a fabrication.

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