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Is Ellen DeGeneres in a "love triangle" with Portia de Rossi and Anne Heche? That's the latest rumor to emerge from the tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated the claims and we can now bust them.

It's actually clear right off the bat that this story in the new issue of Star should be doubted. The piece begins by asserting that when DeGeneres "blew out the candles on her 60th birthday cake," it was de Rossi "who found herself making a wish: that no one comes between them." This was published on Wednesday, January 24. DeGeneres' birthday isn't until Friday, January 26. So when and where, exactly, was the talk show host supposedly blowing out candles on her 60th birthday cake?

Here's what's going on: The gossip magazine knows its new edition will be on newsstands through the weekend. In fact, in many places throughout the country, it won't even be available until Friday. So the outlet hoped people would read it after DeGeneres' birthday and think it has insight on de Rossi's alleged "wish." In actuality, this purported anecdote was made-up to set up this "love triangle" narrative.

The publication alleges de Rossi actually has "good reason to worry" about someone coming "between" her and DeGeneres because Heche is "still carrying a torch for her A-list ex." In the wake of Heche announcing her split from James Tupper, a so-called "friend" is quoted as saying, "Ellen was always her great love. Even though Ellen is married to Portia, Anne would love to reunite."

The tabloid claims Heche "made her move" after the recent death of DeGeneres' father, "offering the brokenhearted host a shoulder to cry on." Contends the purported pal, "They had a very bitter breakup, so Anne used [her dad's] passing as an excuse to call Ellen up. She said life is too short to have enemies and wanted to make amends." As a result, asserts the supposed source, "The word is that they've already become pretty close again."

"Ellen's insisting it's just about clearing the air and forming a friendship, but Portia is starting to get suspicious," the alleged tipster claims to the magazine, which goes on to bring up already debunked contentions about de Rossi also being "peeved" over DeGeneres' "closeness" with Kate McKinnon. The "friend" concludes, "If Anne worms her way into their relationship, there's a chance they could be in serious trouble."

What about the "$400 million divorce" Star said DeGeneres and de Rossi were getting last November? That's not mentioned. In fact, the supposed snitch actually points out they've "managed to stay together." And that's still the plan, regardless of Heche's single status. It's simply because she's no longer with Tupper that the outlet decided to concoct this tale about her "making a play for her ex gal pal."

And in addition to trying to piggyback off the actress' breakup, the publication is also trying to capitalize on DeGeneres' birthday and, most shamefully, exploit the death of her father. These events may all be in the same month, but they're completely unrelated. A DeGeneres contact even laughed off the story when Gossip Cop inquired about it. This "love triangle" was completely manufactured.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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